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Clinical Psychology PhD Candidates, 2014

Elizabeth Berk
Dissertation title: Detecting Alliance Ruptures and Rupture Repair with the Segmented Working Alliance Inventory-Observer Form (S-WAI-O)

Michael Bonomo
Dissertation title: Memory Bias for Muscularity and Thinness in Male Weight Lifters and Runners

Anthony DeMaria
Dissertation title: The Effects of Alliance Focused Training on Patient and Therapist Interpersonal Process

Moira Domaille
Dissertation title: Adaptation at the Toddler Stage: Links Among Parent and Child Responses to the Problem-Solving Task, Strange Situation Paradigm, and Parent Adult Attachment Interview

Bella Grossman
Dissertation title: Assessment of Body Image Related Cognitions in Women with Persistent Pain

Alexander Kriss
Dissertation title: An Abyss of Uncertainty: The Developmental Lines of Internal Working Models and Reflective Functioning

Esther McBirney
Dissertation title: The Mirror Interview: Exploring the Influences of Parents and Culture on Disordered Eating Behaviors

Marillina Rufino
Dissertation title: Relationship of Early Emotional Understanding and Social Competence with Later School Performance and Attentional Processes 

Shira Schuster
Dissertation title: No Place Like Home?: Exploring Differences in Empowerment and Related Psychosocial Constructs Between Women Choosing Home and Hospital Birth

Clinical Psychology PhD Candidates, 2013

Iris Abreau
Dissertation title: The Influence of Family Ethnic Socialization and Parental Relationships on Ethnic Identity in Second-Generation Latino/a Emerging Adults: A Web-based Study

Julia Belotserkovsky
Dissertation title: Attachment and the Therapeutic Alliance: Patients' and Therapists' Report of Alliance Quality, Depth Smoothness and Frequency of Ruptures in a Time-Limited Relational Treatment of Cluster C Personality Disorders

Catherine Bitney
Dissertation title: Broaching Racial Differences between African American Clients and White Counselors: Racial Identity Attitudes and Therapy Process

Elinor Bock
Dissertation title: Common Ground: A Look at Entrainment in Romantic Relationships

Emily Day
Dissertation title: Dyadic Factors in HIV Medication Adherence

Melanie Eckhoff
Dissertation title: Impact of Harm Avoidance, Novelty Seeking and Reward Dependence on Internet Addiction and Substance Abuse in College Students

Alyce Foster
Dissertation title: The Role of Developmental Trauma in Suicidal and Nonsuicidal Selfinjurious Behavior Among Ethnic Minority Adolescents

Francisca Herreros
Dissertation title: An Investigation of the Attachment Formation and Organization of Infants Living in Chilean Institutions

Jacob Kaplan
Dissertation title: The Impact of Therapeutic Mindfulness on Treatment Process and Treatment Outcome

Elizabeth Loran
Dissertation title: Boredom, Pain, Psychiatric Symptoms and Substance Use in MMTP

Alicia Mascho
Dissertation title: Boredom Is Such a Drag: Boredom, Ego Depletion and Cognitive Processing in Ex-smokers

Mary Mazza
Dissertation title: Articulating Expectations for Breast Reconstruction

Allison Mitchell
Dissertation title: The Rupture Resolution Rating System

Aliza Phillips-Stoll
Dissertation title: "Even though it’s specialized care, it’s not personalized care”: Negotiating Fragmentation in the BRCA-Patient Experience

Romy Reading
Dissertation title: Investigating Therapist Reflective Functioning, Psychotherapy Process, and Outcome

Kira Rogers
Dissertation title: Parents' Reaction to Diagnosis as it Relates to Parental Stress, Family Coping and Child' s Educational Progress in Children Diagnosed with Autism

Jillian Stile
Dissertation title: Reflective Eye Movements and Head Movements as Indices of Hemispheric Activation and the Mediating Effects of Anxiety

Alexandra Todorova
Dissertation title: Automatic Number Processing Independent of Language and Notation in Bilingual Speakers

Jennifer Tucker
Dissertation title: Development and Evaluation of the Life Extension Questionnaire

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