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Dissertation Abstract
This dissertation focuses on practices of “state-building” in Somaliland and Somalia in an effort to contribute to and expand an understanding of state-building processes, which have been constituted through the model of the rational legal state. It partakes in the anthropological debate that has questioned a reductive and normative model of the sovereign state. Further, this project explores how Somalis participate in “institution-building” through remittances, knowledge and skills. It also pays careful attention to the conditions set by what policy-makers call a “migration-development nexus,” which is a recent redefinition of migration as an instrument for national development. All of these processes are key to understanding if and how new alliances of power are being reconfigured in particular ways through transnational networks and how they participate in global governance projects. The tensions between the conception of diaspora as a new instrument of development, on the one hand, and the actual undertakings of the Somali diaspora in development projects, on the other, raise questions about what and whose skills and knowledge qualify to be transferred as well as what is actually transferred back to the homeland. By showing how participation of the Somali diaspora in transnational projects of governance can produce unanticipated “effects” and “encounters”, in the processes of state-making, this study adds to an anthropological understanding of "transnational governance" and "transnationalization" processes.

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Spring 2013: Africa, Development and the African diaspora, Global Studies, The New School
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