The New School for Social Research


  • Paulo dos Santos

    Assistant Professor of Economics


    PhD Economics, University of London

    MSc Economics, London School of Economics

    B.A. Economics, University of Maryland, College Park

    B.S. Mathematics, University of Maryland, College Park

    My research program involves Classical Political Economy; Banking and Monetary Theory; and the role of Finance in Economic Development. Much of my current work inquires into the distinctive social and macroeconomic content of contemporary financial practices and relations. I am also interested in methodological issues in economic analysis, including the appropriate use and interpretation of mathematical formalisms. 

    Recent Publications:

    dos Santos, P and E Scharfenaker (2015), "The Distribution and Regulation of Tobin's q", Economic Letters, 137(2015), 191-194.

    dos Santos, P (2015), “Not ‘wage-led’ versus ‘profit-led’, but investment-led versus consumption-led growth, Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 37(4), 661-686.

    dos Santos, P (2014), “A Note on Credit Allocation, Income Distribution, and the Circuit of Capital”, Metroeconomica, 65(2), 212-236

    dos Santos, P (2013), “A Cause for Policy Concern: The Expansion of Household Credit in Middle-Income Economies”, International Review of Applied Economics, 27(3), 316-338.

    dos Santos, P (2012a), “A Policy Wrapped in ‘Analysis’—The World Bank’s Case for Foreign Banks”, in K Bayliss, B Fine and E Van Waeyenberge (eds), The Political Economy of Development: The World Bank, Neoliberalism and Development Research, London: Pluto.

    dos Santos, P (2012b), “Option Pricing Models—A plurally heterodox note”, in J Toporowski and J Michell, Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

    dos Santos, P (2011), “Production and Consumption Credit in a Continuous-Time Model of the Circuit of Capital”, Metroeconomica, 62(4), 729-758.

    dos Santos, P (2009), “On the Content of Banking in Contemporary Capitalism”, Historical Materialism, 17(2), 180-213.

    dos Santos, P and C Lapavitsas (2008), “Globalization and Contemporary Banking: On the Impact of New Technology”, Contributions to Political Economy, 27(1), 31-56.