The New School for Social Research


  • Rafi Youatt

    Assistant Professor of Politics

    Office Location:

    Albert and Vera List Academic Center


    I am interested in questions of agency and power in human-nonhuman relations, as they relate to political life and thought. My first book focuses on the environmental politics of global biodiversity. My current research explores the intersection of interspecies relations and international relations in American borderlands.

    Degrees Held:

    PhD 2007, University of Chicago

    Recent Publications:


    Counting Species: Biodiversity in Global Environmental Politics. University of Minnesota Press, (2015).



    "Interspecies Relations, International Relations: Rethinking Anthropocentric Politics" (2014), Millennium, 43(1)

    "Power, Pain, and the Interspecies Politics of Foie Gras." (2012) Political Research Quarterly, 65(2)

    "Counting Species: Biopower and the Global Biodiversity Census." (2008) Environmental Values, 17(3)

    Research Interests:

    Environmental politics, global politics, posthumanism, political ecology, animal studies,