The New School for Social Research

Past Dissertation Titles

  • 2013

    Thomas Bernhardt
    Three essays on trade and development in the context of a changing international economic geography

    Jose Caraballo Cueto
    Income Measurement, Global Inequality and Inclusive Growth: A Contribution to Development Economics

    Jonathan Cogliano
    New Directions in Political Economy: Value Theory, Agent-Based Computational Modeling, and the Dynamics of Labor Mobility

    Gonçalo Fonseca
    Catallactics and Competition: A Study of Jevons and the Marginal Revolution

    Michelle Holder
    The Impact of the Great Recession and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) on the Occupational Segregation of Black Men

    Xiao Jiang
    Essays on International Trade, Employment, and Macro-dynamics

    Orlando Justo
    Three Essays on Current International Trade Issues in Transitional Economies

    Jan Keil
    Three Studies in Industrial Economics: Competition and Industry Structure

    Susan Ozawa
    Essays on Policy Efficacy Revisiting Neoclassical Approaches

    Nikolaos Papanikolaou
    Essays on the Econophysics of Gross and Post-Tax Personal Wage and Salary Income by Race and Gender in the United States during 1996 to 2011

    Christian Schoder
    Essays on investment, debt and macroeconomic dynamics

    Jonas Shaende
    Essays in International Money, The Monetary Order of World Power


    Mona Ahmad Ali
    Asymmetric Returns to U.S. Assets: American Superiority or Accounting Fiction - Essays on U.S. Foreign Direct Investment

    Laura Barbosa de Caravalho
    Economic Growth After the Great Recession: Essays on Structuralist Microeconomics

    Abdolreza Fazeli
    Financing the Welfare State in the OECD Countries

    Alberto Handfas
    Demand Pull, Supply resistance in a Classical Inflation Model

    Muhammed Rashid Memon
    Ethnic Differences in Labor Market Outcomes in Pakistan

    Syed Ali Asjad Naqvi
    Simulating Shocks in Regional Economics: Application of Agent-Based Models in Understanding Natural Disasters

    Michail Nikiforos
    Essays on Income Distribution, Capacity Utilization and Economic Growth

    Miriam Rehm
    Migration and Remittances: An Agent-Based Model

    Hee Young Shin
    Essays on the causes and Consequences of the Asian Financial Crisis: Financialization, Stagnant Corporate Investment, and Alternative Measures of the Asian Labor Markets

    Prakash Kumar Shrestha
    Monetary Policy, The Banking System and International Reserves in Small Open Economies

    David Stubbs
    Essays in the Stabilization of Financial Markets

    Sheba Tejani
    Three Essays on Employment and Productivity Growth


    Harishchandra Iyer
    Product Coverage and Economic Welfare: Essays on Preferential Trade Liberalization in Developing Asia

    Ali Naqvi
    Simulating Shocks in Regional Economies: Application of Agent-Based Models in Understanding Natural Disasters

    Kidaya Ntoko
    Roads and Development under Dictatorship: A Study of the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Daniel Samaan
    Climate Change Policies and Structural Change - An Empirical Analysis of Employment Impacts

    Ross Tippit
    Modeling Ethical Decisions in a Borrow-Lender Relationship


    Markus Schneider
    Essays on the Statistical Mechanics of the Labor Market and Implications for the Distribution of Earned Income

    Eric Sunol
    Environmental Policies to Enhance Technological Change in the Electricity Sector

    Juan Santarcangelo
    Growth, Employment & Labor Productivity: A Long Run Analysis for the Case of Argentina

    Ilfan Oh
    Essays on Financing Constraints, Corporate Liquidity, and Investment

    Stephen Kinsella
    Essays on the Irish Economy

    Bobo Diallo
    Fiscal Policy, Public Debt Sustainability, and Economic Growth: Theory and Empirical Evidence for Selected sub-Saharan African Countries