• Off-Campus Merchant Program

    These vendors in the area currently accept Newcard Cash. Please check this website for updates; new merchants are called out with an asterisk. Both the New School Bookstore and the newly opened O Café at the List Center Library accept Newcard Cash.

    Retail Locations

    • Basics Plus (map)
    • Blick Art Supply (map) (ask about student discounts and promotions)
    • Cohen's Fashion Optical (location 227) (map)
    • CVS Pharmacy at the University Center (location 10612) (map)
    • CVS Pharmacy (location 08900) (map)
    • Food Emporium ( map)
    • Greenwich Village Mail Center (map) (student discount available)
    • Merci Market (map)
    • New School Bookstore at Barnes & Noble (4th floor only) (map) 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day
    • Utrecht Art Supply (map) (ask about student discounts and promotions)
    • Village Copier (map) (student discount available)
    • Westside Market, Third Avenue location (map)
    • Whole Foods Market (location Union Square) (map)

    Dining Establishments

    • 5 Napkin Burger (map)
    • The Bean (map) (student discount available)
    • Blue 9 Burger ( map)
    • Dig Inn (map)
    • Fresh & Co. (map)
    • Glaze Teriyaki Grill (map) (student discount available)
    • Horchata (map)
    • HU Kitchen (map)
    • Hummus & Pita Co. (map) (student discount available)
    • Le Café Coffee (map) (student discount available)
    • Liquiteria* (map)
    • Num Pang Sandwich Shop* (map)
    • O Café at the List Center Library, 6 East 16th Street, 8th floor (map)
    • Pie by the Pound ( map)
    • Pinkberry (map)
    • Umami Burger (map)
    • Your Way Café (map)