• Newcard Cash

    A Versatile Plan

    When you join the Newcard Cash program, you can use your New School ID like a debit card at many locations on campus. All New School cafeterias accept Newcard Cash, and purchases made in these venues are not taxed. Newcard Cash can also be used for on-campus vending machines and selected dorm laundry machines (Kerrey Hall and 13th Street Residence), as well as certain local businesses like the New School bookstore. Please check the Off-Campus Merchants page for locations and updates.

    Parents and Guest Users

    Before a guest can deposit Newcard Cash, the student must enable Guest Users for their account. (This is different from the process used to pay tuition). Have the student follow these directions: How to Add a Guest User to Newcard Cash (PDF). When he or she is done, you can follow the instructions in How to Add Funds to Newcard Cash (PDF). 

    How to Add Funds (Students)

    You can add money at any point during the year. To deposit funds into your Newcard Cash account or view your current balance, log on to, select the "Services" tab, and scroll down to the "Add Newcard Cash" button on the bottom right. You can reach the same page by visiting and logging in with your NetID and password. Once logged in, select the "Manage Account" link on the left, and then select the "Add Funds" link on the top. You may wish to authorize other people to deposit funds into your account, which you can do while logged in.

    Newcard Cash balances do not expire; they roll over from semester to semester and remain in your account until they are spent or until you permanently separate from the university.

    Refund Policy

    You cannot withdraw cash from your account while at The New School. Balances greater than $25 will be returned when you graduate, withdraw, or permanently separate from The New School and once all debts owed to the university have been paid. There is a $25 fee for processing a refund, so balances less than this amount are forfeited. Refunds are processed through Student Accounts and mailed to the permanent address on file four to six weeks after we receive this Refund Request Form (PDF).

    On-Campus Cafeterias Accepting Newcard Cash

    Cafeteria Location
    Lang Café 65 West 11th Street, lobby
    University Center Dining Commons 63 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor
    Event Café 63 Fifth Avenue, lower level