• Newcard

    The newcard, The New School's official identification card, gives you access to university buildings and services at various campus facilities, including academic technology labs and libraries. You must present your newcard when you attend events on campus. If you participate in the Dining Dollars or Newcard Cash programs, your newcard can be used as a debit card at campus dining facilities and certain off-campus merchants. You can also use your newcard to receive student discounts at many local businesses and venues.

    How to Get Your Newcard ID

    Newly Accepted Students and Transfer Students

    If you signed up for a preprinted ID and received a confirmation email, you can pick up the ID on the second floor of 72 Fifth Ave by showing a valid form of photo ID. Otherwise, please visit our office on the lower level of 72 Fifth Ave with a valid form of photo ID, and we will take your photo and print your ID. We are no longer accepting photos for preprinted cards. Please plan ahead, as lines can be long at the start of the semester.   

    Continuing Education Students

    Certificate Students

    Most certificate students are entitled to the New School's plastic photo ID, the newcard. See the section above for information. Students should keep this card permanently, in case they return to campus for another program in the future.

    Noncredit Students

    Noncredit students who are not in a certificate program or other degree-seeking program will be mailed a non-photo paper ID card by the Student Accounts department, in the same envelope as your course schedule and receipt. This card is good for one academic semester. You will receive a new paper ID card at the beginning of every semester. If you do not receive this record within two weeks of registering, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at Learn more about preparing for Continuing Education classes.

    New Faculty and Staff Employees

    New faculty and staff employees are welcome to choose the photo that represents them at the New School. Please email an image file that clearly shows your face to and identify yourself as faculty or staff. When you subsequently visit our office, we will print your ID with the image of your choice. Please make sure to bring some form of legal photo ID (driver's license, passport).

    Even if you already have an ID card, you can update your online photo at any time. Your photo is used to represent you in several places:

    • The University Directory, which does not show up in Google search results of your name
    • The departmental faculty bios for Parsons or New School for Public Engagement. The photos here show up in Google search results. If you have questions about managing your online presence in this database, please contact your departmental administrator.
    • On your ID card

    Library Access

    All faculty and most staff have borrowing privileges at NYU's Bobst Library and Cooper Union Library. However, it can take up to three days for newly issued cards to work at the turnstiles at Bobst. We can issue a three-day paper pass to the Bobst turnstiles at our office. If you encounter a turnstile access issue at the Bobst Library, please contact us at with the details and we will submit a service ticket. If you experience a borrowing problem, please contact the New School Library at

    Restricted Access

    If you believe your card should give you access to a restricted access point (side entrances to some New School buildings) or if you encounter a locked room that you do not have access to (faculty lounge, office, conference room, etc.), ask your administrative liaison or supervisor to email the Security department on your behalf. Your card will automatically begin working as soon as the access is set up.

    Newcard Cash

    All faculty and staff employees can add Newcard Cash to their dining account, which you use by presenting your ID card. This money can be used at university cafeterias and our off-campus merchants. Any purchases made at cafeterias with Newcard Cash are tax-free. To add Newcard Cash, simply visit and log in with your New School username and password. Click on "Manage Account" on the left, and then "Add Funds" at the top. Newcard Cash does not expire.


    Can online students and faculty members get newcards?

    Students and faculty members taking and teaching courses only online, who cannot visit the New School campus to receive a photo ID, can request a non-photo newcard which they can use to show their affiliation with the The New School and receive the same discounts and benefits as other members of the New School community. To request a non-photo newcard, email and provide the following information:

    • N-number
    • Full name
    • Address to which the newcard should be mailed

    Campus Card Services staff process non-photo newcards for students only after they have confirmed that the student is registered and tuition has been paid or arrangements for tuition payment have been made.

    Students and faculty members who wish to use New School campus facilities (like academic technology labs and libraries) or who wish to attend certain events on campus must show a photo newcard to obtain entry. You can exchange your non-photo newcard for a photo newcard at any time by visiting Campus Card Services and showing a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a state driver's license, other state photo ID, or passport. After your eligibility has been verified, a picture will be taken and your newcard will be printed. There is no charge for replacing a non-photo newcard with a photo newcard.

    How much does a newcard cost?

    There is no charge for your first newcard.

    If your name or status (student, faculty, staff) has changed, there is no charge for a replacement ID. Name changes must first be submitted (with legal documentation) to the Registrar or Human Resources offices; please allow three hours for the name change to appear in our database before you visit. Your old ID must be turned in to our office.

    Faculty and staff with orange cards (the previous generation of cards) are entitled to one free replacement when the picture on the front of the card begins to wear off. Feel free to email us an updated photo of yourself before your visit; this photo can be used on your replacement ID.

    Destroyed or defaced newcards—ones with punched holes, folds, or other avoidable damage—are not valid, and a $25 fee will be charged for a replacement.

    What should I do if I lose my newcard?

    You must obtain a replacement card and pay the nonrefundable fee of $25.

    You must visit Campus Card Services in person to replace a newcard. No appointment is necessary. Your replacement newcard will be printed and encoded while you wait. The $25 fee must be paid during your visit; credit cards, personal checks, and cash are accepted. If you were the victim of a violent crime, please bring any pertinent documentation with you when you visit.

    If your newcard is lost or stolen and you deposited money into a Newcard Cash account, log in to immediately and follow the directions at the "Manage Account" link to suspend your card. Failure to suspend a lost card could result in unauthorized use of your account. Once your newcard is suspended, you must go to Campus Card Services to have a replacement card printed. Access to your funds is transferred automatically to your replacement card.

    If a lost newcard is turned in to Campus Card Services, an email will be sent to the cardholder at his or her New School email account. If you have already received a replacement newcard, your previous card is permanently deactivated and should be destroyed if found.

    What else do I need to know about my newcard?

    You are expected to carry your newcard at all times while on campus. Do not lend your card out to another person. Your newcard is the property of The New School and remains valid as long as you are a registered student or active employee. Use of the nontransferable newcard is governed by The New School's regulations and, like all university property, it must be surrendered upon request. Your newcard will be confiscated if it is misused or carried by someone other than the authorized user. When you graduate or take a leave of absence from The New School, your newcard will no longer be valid; however, if you return for another program of study at The New School, or return from a leave of absence, your card will automatically reactivate when you register for courses.