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  • I am starting the ESL + Food Certificate. When should I apply to ICC?

    After determining your level in the ESL + Food program, you will know how long you will need to study ESL and can apply to the International Culinary Center. Contact AnNur DeCosta, ICC’s director of international admissions, at or 011.646.254.7572 so that she can start the enrollment process with you.

    I’m finishing the ESL + Food program. How soon can I begin a program at ICC?

    Culinary classes start every month, and Pastry starts every other month. Art of International Bread starts about every two months. Cake and Sommelier Training daytime courses are offered less frequently, at several points during the year. For specific dates, look at the ICC website under the International Students “Welcome” tab.

    Do I have to start at ICC immediately after I finish ESL + Food?

    You will need to begin the ICC program within 90 days of the final day of your ESL program.

    Do I need to go back to my home country to get my M-1 visa?

    You can apply to change your status from F-1 to M-1 so that you can begin study at ICC without leaving the United States following your ESL program at The New School. Or, if you prefer, you can travel back to your home country after completing the ESL program and apply for a new M-1 visa that will allow you to return to the United States for the start of the ICC program.

    How do I change my status from F-1 (New School) to M-1 (ICC)?

    If you decide to apply for a change of status from F-1 to M-1, the best time to start the application process is at the start of your last semester in the ESL + Food program. The ICC international student advisor will assist you in this process. You may start to turn in documents for the change-of-status application before you graduate from the ESL program but no earlier than six months before your ICC start date. For detailed information on this process, please review the ICC International Student Guide. Please note that there is no guarantee that the request to change status from F-1 to M-1 will be approved, and if the change of status request is denied, you will be required to leave the United States at the time of denial, regardless of where you are in your studies at ICC. 

    When do I need to pay for my ESL courses?

    You must pay in full for your ESL courses before classes begin.

    When do I need to pay for my ICC course?

    When you apply to the program, an ICC financial advisor will work with you on a payment plan structure.

    Is student housing available?

    Yes. You can find information about student housing on the New School Student Housing website. ICC also has student housing nearby the culinary school.

    Can I stay in my student housing at The New School when I transfer to ICC?

    No; you must be a New School student to stay in student housing.

    What other types of programs can I pursue with the ESL + Food Certificate?

    The ESL + Food Certificate offers a pathway to a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) or AAS in Food Studies at The New School, as well as a pathway to a culinary diploma at ICC.

    Completion of level 4 in the ESL + Food program fulfills the English language requirement for admission to ICC. Completion of level 6 in the ESL + Food program fulfills the English language requirement for admission to The New School's Food Studies degree program.