Public Engagement

Degree Requirements

  • This page outlines requirements for the degree in Urban Studies (Urban Studies, BA). Students can also pursue this subject as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts). Accepted students who have not previously completed at least 30 liberal arts credits will be required to take their first 12 credits at The New School in general education courses.¬†Students are encouraged to download the Program Requirement Worksheet for Urban Studies to track their progress.¬†

    Required Courses Credits
    Fundamentals Course. Choose one:*

    • ULEC 2620 Landscapes of the City
    • ULEC 2621 Dynamic Metropolis
    • UURB 2100 Urban Worlds: Social Justice and the Lived City
    History Elective. Choose one:*
    • UURB 2502 Historical Preservation: Space and Design
    • UURB 3702 Topics in Urban History: Berlin
    • UURB 3501 NYC: Past, Present, and Future
    • UURB 3876 Explorations in Alternative Housing
    Methods Elective. Choose one:*
    • UURB 2013 Urban Tool Box
    • UURB 3140 Policy, Research, Social Change
    • UENV 3200 Spatial Thinking with GIS
    • LLSJ 3505 Visualizing Data
    Urban Core Lab. Choose one:*
    • UURB 3031 City Studio: Action Research for Social Change
    • UURB 3400 Community/Art/Development
    • UURB 3800 Urban Practice and Design Strategies
    Urban Core Project. Choose one:*
    • UURB 3510 Homelessness: An International Perspective
    • UURB 3035 Placemaking
    • UURB 3301 City in Motion: Radical Interventions in Transportation and Infrastructure
    • PSDS 2532 Collab: Urban Interventions
    6 UURB Electives** 18-24
    Senior Capstone. Students must complete a total of 4 credits from the following:
    • UURB 4900 Senior Seminar I (1-4 credits)
    • UURB 4901 Senior Seminar II (1-4 credits)
    Total Credits 39-47

    *Additional courses from the Urban Studies Course Bulletin may be taken to fulfill elective course requirements. 

    **One must be 2000 level, three must be 3000 level, and two must be 4000 level. Electives must include one non-Western/comparative course.