People in Support of Women in Philosophy

People in Support of Women in Philosophy is a support group composed of both women and men in the graduate program of the Philosophy department. Our overall goal is the advancement of women and minorities in philosophy through professional development. The group meets weekly to discuss a member’s paper with the aim of preparing the work for either conference presentation or publication. As a group, we are committed to maintaining a forum within which women’s voices are privileged and rigorous discussion of women’s philosophical work can take place. Although Women in Philosophy has its origins in the study of explicitly feminist philosophy, the contemporary focus has shifted to include a range of topics as women philosophers address them. We see this forum as an important alternative given the minority position women continue to occupy within philosophy departments, philosophy classrooms, and other philosophical forums. Women in Philosophy is by no means a replacement for such forums, but rather a critical space reserved for women to develop their philosophical potential outside the standard academic environment.


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