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Anthropology Student Directory

  • First name Last name Email Degree Area of study
    Tamara Alvarez Fernandez PhD Space Technologies, Ecologies of Outer Space, Media Infrastructures, Wirelessness, Geopolitics of the Sky, Europe, the Moon
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    Kylie Benton Connell PhD Finance, fossil fuel infrastructure, value creation, politics of circulation, Latin America
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    Tyler Boersen PhD Histories of Insolvency, Globalization of Insolvency Law, Economization, Anthropology and History, Political and Legal Anthropology, Greece, European Union
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    Chellie Bowman PhD
    Scott Brown PhD
    Katyayani Dalmia PhD Skin Colour, Beauty and Appearance, Subjectivity and Relationality, Everyday Experience of Caste and Social Differentiation, Urban Life in North India
    Katheryn Detwiler PhD
    Monica Fagioli PhD
    Kadija Ferryman PhD Medical Anthropology, Genomic Medicine, Bioethics, Research Cultures
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    Mariana Garcia Arias PhD
    Brie Gettleson PhD Femicide, post-conflict violence, Guatemala/ Central America, democracy, human rights, and new forms of militarism and state-security.
    Mateusz Halawa PhD Social life of money and credit, mortgages, financialization of everyday life, moralities and imaginaries around money and finance, household economies, debt, postsocialist transformations, ethnography of economic life
    Frederick Howard PhD Settler Colonial Studies, Political Violence, Sovereignty, Indigenous Studies, Native American Studies, Critical Theory, Post-Colonial Theory, Citizenship, Political and Legal Anthropology, Philosophy, Nationalist Imaginaries, Governmentality, Liberal Recognition, Archives, and Ethnographic Methods
    Randi Irwin PhD Natural resources; sovereignty and decolonization; legal anthropology; financialization and futures markets; anthropology of value; property regimes in contested territories; Western Sahara
    Christina Kim PhD Political Economy; Aspiration, Uncertainty and Speculation; Future Studies; Urban Development; Politics of Engagement; Formal/Informal Economy; Borderland; Migration; North Korea, South Korea, China and East Asia
    Charles McDonald PhD Race and religion; historical ethnography; conversion; inheritance; liberalism and multiculturalism; citizenship; experimental writing; Spain; Europe; U.S.
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    Andrew James Moon PhD
    Vaida Norvilaite PhD
    Julienne Obadia PhD Personhood and relationality; Intimacy; Feminist and Queer Theory; Medical Anthropology; Living Organ Donation; Polyamory; Intentional Community; Late Liberalism; North America
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    Rhea Rahman PhD
    Emily Sekine PhD Earthquakes and other disasters; human relationships with nature and animals; the history of seismology; Japan and East Asia
    Emily Sogn PhD Anthropology of militarism, trauma, and resilience in the contemporary U.S., ethnographic approaches to mental health and the application of psycho-medical knowledge in public health contexts.
    Grzegorz Sokol PhD Psychiatric and medical anthropology; theories of subjectivity; affect/emotions; post socialism; Eastern Europe.
    Marisa Solomon PhD
    Liliana Gil Sousa PhD
    Kevin Swann PhD
    Vasiliki Touhouliotis PhD
    Alexios Tsigkas PhD Taste; value; commodity studies; aesthetics; economic anthropology; tea; Sri Lanka
    Ana Maria Ulloa Garzon PhD Food and the senses; flavor research; relations between science, food industry, and gastronomy; United States/Spain.
    Carol Wang PhD Anthropology of law and human rights, grassroots activism, United Nations and international advocacy, HIV/AIDS, China and the Asia Pacific
    Kyla Wasserman PhD
    Cedric Williams PhD