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Vocalists must submit a pre-screening recording, which must be received in the Office of Admission by the application deadline of the term for which the the student is applying. If the pre-screening is favorable, the applicant will be invited to audition. All vocalists who live in North America are required to audition live in New York City. Those who live elsewhere have the option of auditioning live at The New School or submitting an audition recording. The required audition content is the same regardless of audition method.

Pre-screening Evaluation Requirements

Applicants must submit the pre-screen recording using Acceptd. The service fee is $25. You may use either your own rhythm section or the pre-recorded accompaniment tracks that we provide. Your recording must include three songs selected from the choices below performed as described. Substitutions are not permitted.

Song 1

Sing one of the following:

  • "Here’s that Rainy Day"
  • "In a Sentimental Mood"
  • "All the Things You Are"

Perform song 1 a cappella. Sing the melody, as written, twice through in a single take. The second time, sing the melody at least a major 2nd higher than your original key.

Songs 2 and 3

Sing two of the following:

  • "All Blues"
  • "Softly as in a Morning Sunrise"
  • "Body and Soul"

Record songs 2 and 3 with a rhythm section (or use the pre-recorded accompaniment tracks provided by The New School). After the first time through the melody, improvise on the chorus (or vamp, if using your own rhythm section) for at least 45 seconds using either scat syllables or lyrics. When ending the songs, do not fade out; come to a definite end.

Voice Audition Requirements

All applicants who receive a favorable pre-screen evaluation will be invited to audition for admission to the BFA program. Voice applicants who live in North America must have a live audition at The New School without exception. Applicants living outside of North America will be scheduled for a live audition if they indicated “Live Audition” on their online application, and, otherwise, will be asked whether they plan to audition live or wish to submit a recorded audition.

The audition consists of three jazz standards performed with a rhythm section provided by The New School. Audition tunes must be different from the those performed for the pre-screening. Each applicant must perform

  • One up-tempo tune
  • One ballad
  • One blues tune

Vocalists are expected to demonstrate their vocal quality, range, articulation, and ability to interpret a lyric using the melody of the song as written. They must use our vocal PA for the audition.

Recorded Auditions

Applicants who pass the pre-screen and are submitting an audition recording should include the same repertoire as is required for the live audition. Recorded auditions must be performed with a live rhythm section. Once the recording is complete, applicants should submit it using Acceptd. The service fee is $25.

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