Storm Warning

Tuesday, January 27, 2015: 11:00 a.m.
The New School will be open for all classes and activities on Wednesday, January 28th. All administrative offices will be open for regular business hours. learn more

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    Project-Based Learning and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

    The New School is a leading university that’s based in New York City, but active around the world. Some of The New School’s most renowned certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs are in design and media. They bring together a vibrant, diverse community of students, who work together on real-world projects to enhance their skills and sharpen their critical thinking. The university’s committed international faculty of working professionals and scholars bring practical experience, expertise, and global perspectives to the classroom.

    Connections that Matter

    New School students gain access to exciting networking opportunities and career-building resources only available in New York City and Paris—two of the world’s top design and media centers. As students expand their creative community through internships, collaborative projects, and their work with industry leaders, they establish relationships that can endure long past graduation.