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  • Media research, media production, and media management are explored together in transdisciplinary degree and certificate programs offered in New York City and online.

    The School of Media Studies is one of five schools of The New School for Public Engagement, an academic division of The New School. This school is dedicated to the analysis and understanding of mediated communication and the realization of creative visions in film, video, audio, and multimedia forms. The curriculum incorporates media history, media theory and research, media management, and media production. The School of Media Studies offers programs and courses for graduate and undergraduate students, including an extensive continuing education curriculum. Our students have access to the exciting networking opportunities and professional resources available in New York City, a world media capital. Our degrees, certificates, and continuing education courses provide strong foundations on which to build or enhance a career.

    The mission and values of the School of Media Studies can be summarized as:

    • Understanding media - critical analysis of media systems and effects
    • Making better media products - conceiving, producing, designing, directing, editing, distributing
    • Managing media - strategic knowledge and skills for industry leadership
    • Crossing media boundaries - analog/digital; film/video; TV/Internet, wired/wireless, etc.
    • Creating original content - imaginative problem solving
    • Civic engagement - better communication for a just, peaceful, and humane world
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