Public Engagement

Degree Requirements

  • The Master of Science is awarded for successful completion of 36 credits consisting of 11 courses (33 credits) and a capstone course (3 credits), in which students work closely with a faculty advisor to complete either a master's thesis or a business plan.

    The coursework introduces management structures, strategies and methods, finance, networked collaboration, Internet culture, and contemporary media practices. Students focus on particular media business and management issues, attaining a degree of specialization. Our extensive curriculum and limited number of required courses give students many ways to design their own paths through the program and enable them to sample a variety of approaches and techniques.

    Course Waivers

    Students who have significant experience in either Research Methods or Media Design can apply to have these requirements waived by submitting a course waiver form (PDF). Approval of a requirement waiver fulfills the degree requirement but does not count towards the total number of credits required for the completion of a degree. It allows a student, in consultation with his or her advisor, to select another course for the same number of credits to be taken in lieu of the waived course.

    Special Electives and Transfer Credits

    Three general media studies elective courses (9 credits) can be selected from the course offerings of the School for Media Studies or, with advisor approval, from those of another graduate program at the university. In order to get initial approval to take courses outside of the School of Media Studies, a student must a special electives form (PDF) to Paul Hardart, director of the Media Management Program. Upon completion of a Special Elective course, the student must submit a transfer of credit form (PDF) to apply the credits to their degree. Questions about the forms should be directed to Alex Kelly, assistant director of Advising and Student Affairs.

    Students may apply for the transfer of up to nine graduate credits taken outside the School of Media Studies to be used to meet MS degree credit requirements—nine credits can be transferred from other graduate programs at The New School and up to six of the nine credits can be transferred from another university, including institutions attended prior to The New School. Transfer credits can be applied to seminar, production, or methods course requirements, depending on the nature and content of the course.

    Courses Credits
    Required Courses
    Media Management and Leadership 3
    Media Economics 3
    Media Ethics (or New Media Ethics) 3
    Media Design 3
    Total Required Course Credits 12
    Required Production Course (choose one)
    Media Practices: Time-Based 3
    Media Practices: Interactive 3
    Media Practices: Design 3
    Other Production Class 3
    Total Production Course Credits 3
    Core Elective Courses (choose three)
    Media Industry Perspectives: Digital Media 3
    Digital Strategy and Implementation 3
    Information Technologies 3
    Creative Management in the Arts 3
    Competitive Strategies and Brand Component 3
    Media, Corporate Responsibility and the Law 3
    Media Sales and Sales Management 3
    Market Research for Media Managers 3
    Film Distribution and New Media 3
    Methods and Materials: Skills 3
    Music Business in Media 3
    Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
    (cross-listed with Parsons)
    Relevant Internship 3
    New Media Ethics 3
    Business of Social Media 3
    The Producer's Craft 3
    WNSR Radio Lab 3
    Media Ethics 3
    Methods and Materials: Skills 3
    Social Media: Design and Management 3
    Social Media: Content, Communication, and Culture 3
    Negotiations 3
    Entrepreneurship 3
    Total Core Elective Credits 9
    Media Studies Electives
    Any three courses from the MA in Media Studies course list 3 each
    Total Media Studies Elective Credits 9
    Thesis and Capstone Project
    In this class, students synthesize the principles they have learned during their coursework to explore in depth a sector of media that is of particular interest to them. 3
    Total Thesis and Capstone Credits 3
    Total Degree Credits 36