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  • Curriculum

    The Master of Arts degree in Media Studies is awarded for successful completion of 39 credits. The extensive curriculum and limited number of required courses offer you many ways to design your own path through the program and enable you to sample a wide variety of subjects and approaches. Many students focus their studies in one or more subject areas, but you are not required to do so to earn the MA. The program is designed to be completed in two years and must be completed within five years.

    All students must take two core courses: Media Theory and Media Design. They must also take at least two production courses (practice and project) and one course in research methods. Electives can include selected courses offered by other graduate programs of The New School. Students in the MA program may also earn the graduate certificate in Media Management throughout their course of study through consultation with an academic advisor.

    Students can choose between the thesis and the non-thesis options to complete their degree.

    Thesis Option

    Core CoursesCredits
    NMDS 5006 Media Theory3
    NMDS 5008 Media Design3
    Research Methods Course (choose one) 3
    Production Courses6–15 
    Seminar Courses12–21
    NMDS 5952 Thesis Proposal Lab1
    NMDS 5960 Thesis Supervision2 (over one or two semesters)

    Non-Thesis Option


    Writing or producing a thesis is an opportunity to crystallize, display, and extend ideas and skills that you have acquired in the program. The thesis project should be a synthesis of the knowledge you have acquired through the program. A thesis often serves as a foundation for ongoing creative work or the basis for an article or articles to be submitted for publication. It can be used evidence of serious scholarship and/or professional production skills when you are applying for PhD programs or professional employment.

    The School of Media Studies holds a thesis information session each spring and fall semester. If you have decided to pursue the thesis track and have already completed 18 credits, it is recommended you attend and plan on submitting your thesis proposal this semester. If you have questions about submitting a thesis proposal and/or registering for thesis course numbers, contact [email protected].

    Non-Thesis Option

    Students pursuing the Non-Thesis Option must designate and complete a three-credit course in which an advanced individual media project or research paper is produced as their Culminating Experience for the degree. This class should be chosen in consultation with their academic advisor. This class should be taken in one of the last two semesters of their degree and approved by the program director.

    STEM Eligibility

    The MA in Media Studies is designated a STEM-eligible program under the CIP* code 09.0702 Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia. All students in the program must take six credits of Digital Technology coursework. These courses can be part of the existing seminar, production, and elective requirements.

    This is a list of current courses we offer that count for the Digital Technology requirement; new courses may be added to it if they qualify.

    Seminar Courses
    NMDS 5145 Theorizing Digital Media
    NMDS 5268 Social Media: Content, Communication, Culture
    NMDS 5573 Thinking Small: Compact Media
    NMDS 5106 Mobile Media
    NMDS 5246 Digital War
    NMDS 5027 Interaction Design
    NMDS 5316 Digital Feminisms
    NMDS 5333 Technology and Power
    NMDS 5338 Big Tech and Society 
    NMDS 5519 Curating Digital Art
    NMDS 5302 Digital Dialogues
    NMDS 5549 Experimental Narratives
    NMDS 5569 Mashup Culture
    NMDS 5301 Media Infrastructures
    NMDS 5282 Robots as Media
    Production Courses
    NMDS 5426 Media Practices: Design Principles
    NMDS 5427 Media Practices: User Experience Design and Prototyping
    NMDS 5576 Media Practices: Audio
    NMDS 5444 Media Practices: Programming
    NMDS 5448 Developing a Digital Pilot
    NMDS 5428 Media Practices: Digital Video Production
    NMDS 5449 Radio and Podcasting from the Margins
    NMDS 5450 Poetry Machines 
    NMDS 5523 Projects: Digital Video Editing
    NMDS 5578 Projects: Sound Design
    NMDS 5557 Projects: Motion Design
    NMDS 5531 Projects: Digital Experience Design
    NMDS 5556 Projects: Multisensorial Spaces
    NMDS 5597 Immersive Narratives in VR/AR
    NMDS 5432 Digital Filmmaking: Production
    NMDS 5433 Digital Filmmaking: Post-Production
    NMDS 5591 Audio Post-Production
    NMDS 5577 Storytelling Across Media
    NMDS 5540 Interactive Documentary
    NMDS 5283 Co-lab: Robot Media Studio
    NMDS 5517 Transforming Data
    NMDS 5634 (Un)Coding Video
    NMDS 5555 Re/Lab: Re-emergent Media
    Tech Workshop Courses
    NMDS 5447 Audio One: Location Sound Recording
    NMDS 5581 Essential DSLR Techniques
    NMDS 5582 Color Correction
    NMDS 5585 Advanced DSLR Camera Techniques
    NMDS 5598 Producing Podcasts


    With special permission, you may take courses outside the School of Media Studies to fulfill your elective requirements. Please contact [email protected] for information on obtaining approval to take elective courses at other colleges.

    Graduate Minors

    You can also use your elective courses to complete one of the university's graduate minors, which provide a structured, accessible way to complement your primary course of study with fresh ways of thinking. Your graduate minor is officially recorded on your transcript.

    Course Waivers

    Students who have significant experience in media design can apply to have this requirement waived by emailing [email protected]. Approval of a requirement waiver fulfills the degree requirement but does not count toward the total number of credits required for the completion of a degree. It allows a student, in consultation with their advisor, to select another course for the same number of credits to be taken in lieu of the waived course.

    Online Learning

    Our online program of study allows you to complete some or all of the requirements for the MA in Media Studies from anywhere in the world. Online-only students are integrated into the Media Studies community through a Web version of our New Student Orientation and online access to program advisors.

    All the required courses for the MA—Media Theory, Media Design, and Research Methods—are offered online. Seminar courses in history, theory, criticism, and management are also offered online; these courses either are online only or mirror on-site courses. Practice and project courses on the still and moving image, audio, multimedia, and Web-friendly video applications are offered online.

    Online-only students can earn credit through internships and assistantships (maximum of 6 credits—3 in production and 3 in research).

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