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  • Students and Their Work

    Class of 2019

    Callie Hanau came to The New School with a background in performance and nonprofit fundraising. In 2018, she interned with CreativeChaos vmg, whose documentary, This Changes Everything, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In her own films, she is interested in exploring the concept of rejection and how people find their place in the world.

    Ambrus Hernádi comes from Budapest, Hungary. He obtained his master’s degree in film studies and then worked for six years as a camera assistant next to many renowned directors and cinematographers. As he assisted others in realizing their ideas and vision, his own creative impulses began to develop. He decided to come to New York and study documentary at The New School so that he could finally develop his own projects.

    Zoe Hutton is a documentary filmmaker from London with a particular interest in telling stories that explore social issues. For the last six years, Zoe has been producing and shooting documentaries for UK television. While working at the BBC, she helped develop Murdered by My Father, a BAFTA-winning factual drama about honor killings, and assistant-produced No Place to Call Home, a Grierson-nominated BBC2 documentary about the housing crisis. Since then, she has worked on the BAFTA-winning BBC1 series, Ambulance, and has most recently been shooting and directing a BBC2 single film about social mobility.

    Uwa Iduozee was born to Finnish-Nigerian parents and raised in Helsinki, Finland. He has a passion for intimate and nuanced visual storytelling. After working as a photographer for a few years, he grew frustrated with the limitations of still images and transitioned into filmmaking.

    Caroline Macfarlane is an artist, curator, and urbanist from Toronto, Canada. After receiving an MA in art history from the University of Toronto, she worked as director of Ignite Gallery at OCAD University. Caroline has developed a passion for transforming the built environment through color and collaboration and sees art as a powerful tool for social change. She has designed and facilitated art programming for SickKids hospital and CAMH (Toronto) and Third Street Men’s Shelter (NYC) and has developed her own city-wide public art projects. She recently graduated with an MS in Design and Urban Ecologies from The New School.

    Julia Mann has been interested in documentary filmmaking for several years now, having taken courses on the subject at New York Film Academy and Maine Media Workshops. Julia spent the past three years living in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she spent the last year working as “on-call” filmmaker for the African Refugee Development Center. She is very excited to be living in New York, studying filmmaking, and working part-time for a documentary producer.

    Maria Mayo is a first-generation American-born filmmaker with Mexican and Native American heritage. Born and raised in California, she earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California. After working in Spanish broadcast radio and marketing, she’s excited to create documentaries with a sociological lens that challenge stereotypes of indigenous communities, people of color, and immigrants.

    Rebekka Rafnsdóttir is an Icelandic writer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is rooted in philosophy and literature, although you will find traces of all the creative arts in her experimental stream-of-consciousness work. Her first documentary film and debut nonfiction book will both appear in 2019.

    Catharina Schürenberg has worked in the costume and art departments of numerous film and television productions for the past six years. She has collaborated with directors and producers, helping turn creative visions into on-screen realities. Most recently, she was a costume designer for the award-winning documentary, Casting JonBenet, which premiered at Sundance in 2017.

    Tyche Zhuge is a Chinese woman, a rebel, an advocate, a lifetime social worker, a documentarian-to-be, and an admirer of all the creativity on this planet.

    Class of 2018

    Isaias Camilo Morales Cabezas

    Documentary Short: Civic Gothic Library

    Jamie Lee Mohr

    Documentary Short: End Games for Lovers

    Ragini Nath

    Documentary Short: Bar and Girl

    Joy Garrido Ernanny De Mello Silva

    Documentary Short: Unveil

    Jodie Trzaska

    Documentary Short: No Convenient Season

    Mona Lisa García Stagg

    Documentary Short: Arnold: A Portrait from the Zone

    Setare Gholipour

    Documentary Short: Thank You for Shopping Here

    James Macdonald

    Documentary Short: Passage of Silt and Shell

    Gamar Markarian

    Documentary Short: Work

    Tadiwa Kambarami

    Documentary Short: Joburg to Bed-Stuy

    Kaylin Webster

    Documentary Short: Mother Tongue

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