Public Engagement


  • Training Future Leaders

    The Certificate in Media Management is awarded for satisfactory completion of four approved courses (12 credits) and writing a ten-page synthesis paper that relates the courses to the student's career objectives.

    Students can select their courses from six curriculum areas that cover the full range of issues in today's and future media industries: industry perspectives, media management and leadership, media economics, information technologies, competitive strategies, and corporate responsibility.

    The short curriculum offers valuable experience in analyzing business issues, writing case studies, and working on group projects. Students are mentored by members of our distinguished faculty of media managers and build networks with peers in the industry.

    This curriculum is designed to be completed in one year (two academic terms) of full-time study, but working students are welcome to study part-time. Many courses are offered online, and it is possible to earn the certificate entirely online from anywhere in the world.

    Students who have fulfilled all the requirements submit the certificate petition form to the university registrar to receive the certificate.

    Master's Degree Options

    Credits earned in the certificate program can be applied to the MS degree program in Media Management or the MA in Media Studies if a student subsequently applies and is admitted to either degree program.