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Online Learning

  • Earn your master's degree at your own pace and enjoy the convenience of "going to class" at any hour of the day or night. Our online program of study allows you to complete all the requirements for the MA in Media Studies from anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the Internet. In fact, most students in the program who don't choose to study only online combine online and on-site coursework.

    Online-only students are integrated into the Media Studies community through a Web version of our New Student Orientation, online access to program advisors, and participation in the required first-semester Understanding Media Studies course via recorded lectures and special online discussion sections. Like all students in the program, online-only students choose between the thesis and non-thesis options.

    All the required courses for the MA—Understanding Media Studies; Media Studies: Ideas; Media Practices: Concepts; and the Methodology options—are offered online. Seminar courses in history, theory, criticism, and management are also offered online; these courses either are online only or mirror on-site courses. Practice and project courses on the still and moving image, audio, multimedia, and Web-friendly video applications are offered online.

    Online-only students can earn credit through internships and assistantships (maximum of 6 credits; 3 in production, 3 in research).