Public Engagement

Doc Talks

  • Students in the Graduate Certificate in Documentary Studies participate in a variety of program and departmental events. Central to the program is Doc Talk, a biweekly series with contemporary film and video makers, festival programmers and new media distributors, editors, composers, and sound designers, among others, who engage with students in conversation about their own work and the various issues and challenges in documentary today.

    This year's guests included:

    • Karen Shatzkin, Indie Lawyer
    • Jem Cohen, Counting
    • Jessica Edwards, Mavis!
    • Sam Green, The Weather Underground
    • Johnathan Oppenheim, Editor, Before and After Dinner
    • Jill Godmilow on the topic of "The Post-Realist Film"
    • Hanna Polak, Something Better to Come

    Past Doc Talk Guests

    • Albert Maysles, Salesman and Grey Gardens
    • Su Friedrich, Sink or Swim
    • Tanaz Eshaghian, Love Crimes of Kabul
    • Sara Girgis, Mad Genius: Lil' Wayne
    • Alan Berliner, Nobody's Business and Wide Awake
    • Jacques Besse, Cinematographer, Bamako and The Roof
    • Mystelle Brabbee, Festival Director
    • Paul Chan, Baghdad in No Particular Order
    • Jem Cohen, Benjamin Smoke
    • Marshall Curry, Streetfight
    • Nathaniel Dorsky, The Visitation and Variations
    • Jill Godmilow, Far From Poland and What Farocki Taught
    • Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, Jesus Camp
    • Linda Hattendorf, The Cats of Mirikitani
    • Jeff Malmberg, Marwencol
    • D. A. Pennebaker, Don't Look Back
    • Laura Poitras, My Country, My Country and The Oath
    • Thom Powers, Programmer, IFC Center's Stranger Than Fiction
    • Rick Prelinger, Prelinger Archives
    • Maurice Schell, Sound Designer/Editor, Apocalypse Now and Reds
    • Alan and Susan Raymond, An American Family
    • Yonghi Yang, Dear Pyongyang and Sona, The Other Myself
    • Pam Yates, Granito
    • Debbie Zimmerman, Executive Director, Women Make Movies

    Each May, the Certificate hosts an annual festival for all student documentaries made in the program, Truth Be Told. Students are encouraged to attend MA in Media Studies events as well as other events and programs university-wide.