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  • Amir Husak

    Assistant Professor of Media Studies


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    Amir Husak


    Amir Husak is a documentary media maker and Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The New School. Combining emergent and traditional media, essay and experimental techniques, Husak’s work explores documentary as social practice and investigates digital media representations of history and memory. He has shown works at such diverse places as Cinemateca Distrital (Bogota, Colombia), Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Stadtmuseum Graz (Austria), South by Southwest (US), Sundance Film Festival (US), P.O.V./PBS (US), Crvena Association for Culture and Art (Sarajevo, Bosnia), TV Cultura (Brazil), and Full Frame Film Festival (US). Husak also co-edited a volume on socially engaged art and activist media in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Crisis, Art, Action; 2016), and published articles and essays on emerging forms of documentary and tactical media in scholarly journals, magazines and online publications. In 2012-2013, he was a Fulbright research fellow at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin’s department of Diversity and Social Conflict. Husak is the current Director of the Documentary Studies Graduate Certificate program at the School of Media Studies at The New School.

    Degrees Held

    University of Leeds (UK) | PhD, Arts and Communication

    The New School (NY) | MA, Media Studies

    Recent Publications

    "George Floyd is everywhere", Perspectives, Kosovo 2.0, June 10, 2020. Available online at everywhere/

    Exercising Radical Democracy: The Crisis of Representation and Interactive Documentary as an Agent of Change.” Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, no. 15, Summer 2018, pp. 16–32.

    “In Search of a Thirdspace” (orig. in Bosnian: “U potrazi za trećeprostorom: umjetnost socijalne prakse u Bihacu”)Revizor (Broj 1.), Contributing author, Revizor Foundation, Bihać: March, 2018. Available online

    Crisis, Art, Action (Kriza, Umjetnost, Akcija), in Bos/Cro/Srb, Editor and contributor, Bihać/Sarajevo: Gradska Galerija, 2016. ISBN 978-9958-9416-5-8

    Performances and Appearances

    ReFest 2020, CultureHub, NYC. "Re/Lens: Old Glass for New Eyes", workshop with Amir Husak and Melissa Friedling, March 14, 2020

    “History from below: New documentary practices as social agents”, screening and talk, School of Social Literacy, Freedom Front – Workers University, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jun 2019

    “Software Powerplays and (My) Documentary Dilemmas”, Dynamics of Transparency and Opacity: Challenging the Limits of Documentary panel, Visible Evidence XXV, Indiana University Bloomington, Aug 2018

    i-Docs Symposium 2018, ‘Works in progress / iDocs’ panel, Project presentation: “From Proletariat to Precariat”, Bristol, UK, Mar 2018

    Poetics and Politics of Documentary, ‘Activist Interactive: iDocs from the Global South’ panel. Paper title “Digital Dissent: Citizen-activist Video”, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, Jun 2017

    “From Detroit to Kombiteks: Industrial ruins and the art of social practice”, Dizajn i Kriza (Design and Crisis) collegium, lecture and performance, Patterns Lectures program, University of Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina, March 2017

    Codes and Modes: Reframing Reality, Virtuality & Non-fiction Media ‘Interactive Documentary and Social Change’ panel. Paper title “Between virtual and real dissents: methods for interactive documentary as social practice”, New York, NY, Mar 2017

    Research Interests

    Documentary; Digital Media; Social Activism; Film; Cultural Memory; Sound Studies; Migration Studies



    Current Courses

    Cinematic Aesthetics

    Doc On Site

    Doc Practice & Emerging Media

    Doc Practice & Emerging Media (Spring 2021)

    Doc Talks

    Doc Talks (Spring 2021)

    Documentary Project

    Documentary Project (Spring 2021)

    Documentary Research Methods

    Fnds Documentary Practice

    Independent Production

    Independent Production (Spring 2021)

    Thesis Supervision

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