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  • Trumpet, trombone and horn

    Trumpet, Trombone and Horn

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    • Develop into a world-class brass player in one of the world's most vibrant music cities. Take private lessons from leading contemporary and jazz brass musicians, artists who will become your mentors. Chart your own path-choose the the kind of music you make from across genres, the ensembles you play in, and the directors you work with. Explore endless performance opportunities that will sharpen your skills and define who you are as a musician.

      Master trumpet, trombone, or horn by studying with the legends you want to become and contemporary powerhouses shaping the future of brass music today. Our “artist-as-mentor” pedagogy means you can take private lessons more than thirty brass players, musicians like Ingrid Jensen who is a member of Terri-Lyne Carrington's Mosaic Project, or NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Owens who has played with Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Count Basie and Dizzy Gillespie, among others. Or take a private lesson with Wycliffe Gordon. Other great brass faculty include Ahmed Abdullah, Steven Bernstein, Cecil Bridgewater, George Fontenette and Charles Tolliver.

      Improvisation is in our DNA and we provide the flexibility and opportunity to shape your training to fit who you want to become as a brass musician and play the music you want to play. Each semester, choose which ensemble you play in from among eighty options. You'll rehearse, record, and perform under the direction of our talented faculty, like members of the New School Studio Orchestra that rotates directors and a guest artist each semester. Choose from ensembles like Thelonious Monk Ensemble, Herbie Hancock Ensemble, Super Trios Ensemble, Live Drum 'n' Bass Ensemble, The Art of the Rhythm Section, Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, and more.

      Begin your career in the heart of New York City's jazz and music scene. Get exposed to contemporary music as it is being played-and have a chance to make it yourself. Recently, trumpet students played gigs at Zinc Bar and The Highline. Plus, we're the only school with a jazz club, The Stone, in our lobby.

      Learn to think about art, life, collaboration, and creativity in new and unexpected ways-enriching who you are as a musician. Take classes across The New School, including courses in our design school, Parsons, and our liberal arts college, Lang. In one semester, you might work on mastering composition while also looking critically at how music and social justice intersect in the world today. Leave the New School a more well-rounded and prepared artist for the 21st century.

  • Degrees

    The School of Jazz and Contemporary Music offers an undergraduate music program that combines intensive small ensemble and individual performance work with rigorous courses in analysis, composition, music history, and liberal arts. Learn more about our BFA degree and related dual-degree programs.

  • Legendary and award-winning musicians like Erik Friedlander and Zach Brock will become your mentors, pushing you to explore who you are as a musician

  • Performance & Learning Opportunities

    Find opportunities inside and outside the classroom to pursue what makes you a distinct musician. Expand your talents. Improvise. Create from scratch. Reach across disciplines. Perform and find yourself as an artist.

    Piano player Studio Orchestra
    John Koozin at Zinc Bar
    Bern Jazz Festival

    Make Your Ensemble

    Explore new facets of your artistry. With ensembles recast each semester, one semester you'll be playing in the Electric Miles Davis directed by a musician like Adam Holzman, who played with Miles in the 1980s. The next, you'll play in Studio Orchestra, collaborating with Mannes performers in our largest ensemble, directed by a legendary musician like Ingrid and Christine Jensen. In addition to our eighty ensembles, you can create your own-choose the type of music you want to make, the musicians you want to play with, and the directors you want as your mentors.

    Begin Your Career in New York City

    Don't just live in one of the most thriving music scenes in the world-play in it. With partnerships around the city, you can easily take part in jam sessions at some of the greatest jazz clubs in NYC, like Smalls and Zinc Bar, or find yourself onstage at cultural hotspots like The Morgan Library and the Highline. Play in venues across the city as all of New York becomes your stage, bandstand, studio, and cultural playground.

    The World Is Your Stage

    Travel the world as an artist. Our international partnerships will develop you into the kind of musician you want to be. Play gigs at the Bern International Jazz Festival in Switzerland as one of six selected quartets, or represent the school with your performing talents at conferences and festivals around the globe. Share your unique voice with the world as we add new partnership opportunities every year.

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