• Applicants must either audition live or submit a recording. The required repertoire is the same regardless of audition method.

    Audition Repertoire Requirements

    Three jazz standards performed with a rhythm section provided by the school:

    1. One up-tempo tune
    2. One ballad
    3. One blues tune

    Bass players are welcome to audition on The New School's acoustic bass. However, they must notify the Office of Admission by email at least one week before their scheduled audition. Applicants are also welcome to audition on electric bass. The audition room will be equipped with a bass amp; each applicant must bring his or her own instrument/patch cable.

    Recorded Auditions

    Applicants submitting an audition recording should perform the same repertoire as is required for the live audition. Recorded auditions must be performed with a live rhythm section. Once the recording is complete, applicants should submit it using Acceptd. The service fee is $25.