• Health Insurance

    The New School offers a Student Health Insurance Plan to all degree, diploma, online only, visiting, mobility (study abroad), Lang and Parsons consortium, graduate certificate program, ESL + Design program, ESL + Music program, and graduate and undergraduate degree program nonmatriculating students. The Student Health Insurance Plan is an integral part of the university's goal of promoting the well-being of our students.

    Students Enrolling for the Fall 2014 Semester

    The online waiver for New School Student Health Services and Insurance for the 2014 fall semester will be activated on the University Health Plans website, (select the New School link), starting April 18, 2014. All newly admitted students enrolling for the fall semester need to submit a waiver if they do not wish to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan for the academic year. The deadline to submit a waiver form is September 22, 2014. Monthly reminder emails regarding health insurance plan enrollment and waiving options will be sent to your email account until the deadline. In order to make an informed decision about participation in the student health insurance plan, you (and your parents) should read the information provided in these pages carefully.

    Important Information for New Students

    At the start of each school year, all students need to submit an online waiver form if they do not wish to receive student health insurance for the academic year. Because fall waivers roll over to the spring term, only newly admitted students are required to submit a waiver in the spring. Spring admits need to resubmit a waiver the following fall term. This fall submission will then be valid for the entire academic year.

    Plan Highlights

    These pages and associated documents describe services, insurance coverage and limitations, procedures involved in waiving coverage, and important deadlines. It is your responsibility both to understand the nature and scope of insurance benefits and limitations and to meet all published deadlines.

    The New School strongly encourages you to consider participation in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Please be advised that you may be eligible for coverage under a group health plan of a parent's employer or under a parent's individual health insurance policy if you are under the age of 26. Medical care is expensive; if you are thinking about waiving participation in the Student Health Insurance Plan, make sure that your individual or family plan covers medical and mental health care in New York and compare costs, coverage, and deductibles.

    2014-2015 Academic Year

    Student Health Services Plan 1

    The Student Health Services fee is $318 per semester, which provides access to medical and counseling services on campus as well as the Basic Accident Insurance Plan (Plan 1).

    Student Health Insurance Plan 2

    • The annual fee is $2,892, billed in two (2) installments: fall, $1,173; spring, $1,719.
    • Coverage for accidents and sickness and for mental health is available from August 20, 2014, through August 19, 2015.
    • The aggregate per-condition maximum is unlimited.
    • The annual plan deductible is $100.