Public & Urban Policy PhD Students | Milano School in NYC


  • The following students are in the Public and Urban Policy PhD program:


    Muhammad Amir Ansari Public finance; intergovernmental fiscal systems
    Bert Azizoglu Analysis of income distribution trends in member countries of OECD from a sector perspective


    Fabiola Berdiel-Mintz Community agency/institutions
    Lessie Brooks Urban economic development
    Rachel Branch Performance management in civil service, capacity building across cultural boundaries, assessing and improving level of organizational effectiveness
    Calvin Brown Community development and housing
    Ryan Buck Higher education economics and policy; international and comparative education; education and development; education, crisis, and post-conflict development


    Maria (Toni) Castro Community-based interventions aimed at increasing energy and resource efficiency in urban and social contexts
    Elizabeth Cuccaro Science and technology studies, critical philanthropy/nonprofit studies, qualitative methods, Dissertation: Advocacy in the Age of ADHD


    Erwin DeLeon Voluntary associations, immigrant integration, and political participation; political and civic engagement of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of color; civil society and civic participation; social capital theory


    Liat Eisen Urban planning/design policy


    Sarah Farsad Affirmative action and diversity initiatives implemented to diminish racial inequities in higher education in the U.S., with an emphasis on art and design programs
    Stacey Flanagan Local and statewide food-related policies that aid in providing access to more healthful foods in low-income neighborhoods
    Michael Flanigan Black males' influence on the well-being of children, families, neighborhoods and communities
    Hugh Fox Labor markets, inequality, and migration in rural and urban China; How to Manage a Developing Economy
    Tracey Freiberg Economic, human capital


    Megan Gavin  
    Pooya Ghorbani Housing policy in lower-income countries


    Zoe Hamstead Urban ecology and social equity: examining land use policy drivers of social-ecological spatial patterns in the urban landscape
    Pamela Hannigan International property reform, public-private partnerships, and development finance
    Kier Hanratty Land use, public finance
    Rebecca Hollender Environmental policy, latin american development
    Kelsey Hood Cattaneo Holistic child development with formal and non-formal education practices in combination with community based development approaches


    Thomas Jacobs Poverty and education
    Claude Joseph The process of development, cross-country analysis of the relationship between economic growth, inequality, policies and politics


    Achilles Kallergis Urban poverty, housing, and infrastructure in the Global South
    Jackie Kataneksza Post-development, alternative development approaches


    Livia Lam Interest groups, social movements, legislative process
    Nancy Lam Housing policy in the United States
    Todd Lester  
    Michal Lewin-Epstein Economics and race; finance literacy in under-served communities
    Elizabeth Levi Relationship between American philanthropic funders and the Israeli-Palestinian third sector, with a focus on NGOs striving to build civil society
    Yimin Li Development of the nonprofit sector and the advocacy of social justice in China


    Andrea Marpillero-Colomina Mobility innovation; mobility networks and transportation planning in the Americas; neighborhood-level cross-cultural conflict
    Karl Mitchell Economics and race; finance literacy in under-served communities
    Riham Moustafa Entrepreneurship


    Bobbette Patterson Health care: core measures (performance measures) and their effectiveness in the hospital setting
    Philip Plotch Transportation and economic development


    Jeannette Rausch Public participation in urban land-use development; urban waterfront development; city planning history; planning processes
    Camila Ronderos Low-income housing, informal settlements, access to credit, and the role of housing microfinance in Latin America; slum redevelopment and relocation policies and the effect on household incomes


    Luisa Sanchez  
    Rebecca Scheer Community Development, children
    Angela Sheehan  
    Sara Shroff Governance, accountability, sustainabilty
    Da'mon Smith Ecology of Public Policy, Government Reform, Criminal Justice Policy, Economic and Workforce Development, Social Policy and Political Advocacy
    Michael Stack Racial disparities
    Charles Swift Health policy: behavioral health policy in relation to Caribbean immigrants


    Jamie Taylor Housing justice: system change models to end homelessness and increase movement out of poverty; evaluation analysis applying Amartya Sen's Capabilities Framework
    Johanna Taylor Construction of interdisciplinary analyses of the intersections of artists, institutions, communities, and social change


    Manuel Valderrama Florez Approaches and techniques that aid understanding of the complexities of implementation and evaluation of public policy
    Geraldo Vasquez Housing policy and finance; economic and community development; budget and fiscal policy; public finance and management of not-for-profits


    Michael Williams  
    Tanishia Williams Minor Education policy


    Rajeev Yerneni