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    Organizations are under constant pressure to remain agile. Our professional master's program uniquely prepares leaders with the knowledge base and applied skill to think and act strategically as agents of change.

    In today’s volatile organizational world, the ability to strategize new directions and implement change is critical to success. The capacity to successfully facilitate organizational change offers opportunities in an array of professional domains, whether your focus is on the for-profit, nonprofit or public sector.

    The Master of Science in Organizational Change Management program emphasizes critical assessment of organizational cultures, structures, talent, and leadership. Among the questions we are constantly asking – and finding answers to: How do we align the key elements of an organization to move closer to its vision? How can we motivate and develop people to create high-performing organizations? How do we enable start-up organizations to sustain their growth and innovation?

    The Management faculty of the Milano School is comprised of scholars and writers who also practice what we teach. Our professional experience enables us to offer students models and tools for planning and managing change throughout the organization: at the system, group, and individual level.

    With the program’s unique laboratory-type pedagogy, The Portfolio, you will engage in a sequence of increasingly complex projects conducted for real-world clients. Upon completion, you will have a portfolio that showcases your capacity to lead organizational change.

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