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    This professional master's program offers valuable real-world engagement for innovators leading organizations with purpose. Our students are managing to change the world.

    Are you an innovator aspiring to launch a nonprofit who feels confined by existing models? Do you seek a leadership role in a global NGO or large domestic not-for-profit organization? Have you been considering a switch from the corporate or public sector to a nonprofit career in order to deepen your commitment to social change? If so, then Milano’s Nonprofit Management program can move you much closer to your passion.

    Building essential knowledge and skills is accelerated through assignments addressing real-world organizational challenges. You go beyond reading hypothetical cases and learn through action. Our specialization in social entrepreneurship, for example, is unmatched in the live-client engagements and multidisciplinary approaches you will experience. Is your focus a global one? Then you will take advantage of targeted courses in our International Affairs program. You have the option to enhance your strengths in leadership and your ability to create agile organizations as you affiliate with our Organizational Change Management program.

    Bottom line: Our program in Nonprofit Management offers you abundant opportunities to tailor your unique professional goals with our family of integrated programs at The New School within and beyond Milano.

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