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Alternative Fashion Strategies


This minor explores alternative fashion strategies through hands-on investigation of craft thinking, strategic making, and ethical approaches to design. It utilizes a bottom-up approach, amplifying everyday dress, production, and exchange processes to shift our systems of manufacturing, consumption, and distribution toward active participation. This minor incorporates practices such as critical handcraft, alternative economies, social justice, community engagement, social mobilization, and skill sharing in a systemic and holistic approach to fashion production and cooperative models of practice and production.

The Alternative Fashion Strategies minor requires successful completion of 18 credits across six subject areas, as outlined in the chart below.

Note: Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Some courses may be in development and offered at a later time. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework to fulfill the minor should consult with their advisors.


A student who has completed this minor should be able to demonstrate:

  • competence to describe and respond to the challenges of the dominant fashion systems
  • a strong sense of craft and strategic making to manifest the interconnectedness of products and systems
  • ability to competently articulate the interdependence of systems (industrial, local and ecological) and apply knowledge of history, theory and criticism to shape design decisions
  • competence with cooperation and exchange-based practices in community based projects
  • understanding of how to carry forth a project from research through development and testing to implementation and assessment
  • understanding of tools, technologies and materials, including their roles in the creation, production and strategic use of form in civic crafts


Subject Area Course Options Requirements
Craft and Making 3 credits
Culture and Politics 3 credits
New Economies and Exchange 3 credits
Integrated Fashion Systems 3 credits
Making in the Community 3 credits
Implementation 3 credits


Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School except those students at Lang and the Bachelors Program for Adults and Transfer Students who are completing a self-designed BA or BS in Liberal Arts, who are not permitted to declare minors. For students at Lang or the Bachelors Program for Adults and Transfer Students interested in pursuing a deeper study of this subject area, opportunities are available through the self-designed major in Liberal Arts. To explore this, contact an academic advisor or read more information about self-designed options for Lang or the Bachelors Program for Adults and Transfer Students.

The Alternative Fashion Strategies minor requires an application for admission.

For questions regarding this minor’s curriculum, including requests for course substitutions, please contact Otto von Busch, Assistant Professor of Integrated Design, at