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Lang Opportunity Awards

  • Eugene Lang College strongly encourages students to take part in co-curricular and extracurricular activities as part of their liberal arts education. We also realize that such activities are sometimes beyond the reach of students whose personal financial resources are limited.

    Eugene Lang Opportunity Awards make it easier for students with financial need and academic merit to participate in the many co-curricular programs and initiatives available at Lang. A number of awards in the range of $1,000-$5,000 are made every fall and spring semester and every winter and summer break. Funds are limited and are distributed competitively according to the college's judgment of the educational quality and budget of a student's proposal and the applicant's financial need and academic standing.

    Application Deadlines—Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. for each deadline.

    • November 4, 2015 
    • February 17, 2016
    • April 13, 2016

    An application for a Eugene Lang Opportunity Award may be submitted anytime and will be evaluated at the next deadline following submission. Applicants are notified of the decision two weeks after the deadline.

    Award Types

    There are two distinct categories of Opportunity Awards:
    Innovation Awards are awarded competitively to fund students' self-designed co-curricular and extra-curricular educational activities.

    Outreach Awards are awarded competitively to students who need financial assistance in order to take part in institutional co-curricular activities offered by Eugene Lang College and/or the university, such as those developed by Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Career Development, Study Abroad, and others.

    Guidelines for Applicants

  • Applicant Eligibility

    • Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.
    • Applicants must be matriculated degree students of Eugene Lang College.
    • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

    Students receiving federal Pell Grants are given priority consideration.

    Is my project eligible?

    Eligible activities fall into the general categories of research fellowships and projects, study abroad programs and projects, civic engagement and social justice programs and projects, internships and other career development activities, leadership and/or student government projects, and possibly artistic productions and exhibitions and other self-designed projects clearly related to a student's educational goals. Proposals that address social justice issues or otherwise contribute positive community impact are given priority consideration.

    Awards are not granted to fund singular events but to make possible committed participation in ongoing activities.

    Applicants must show that a proposed activity would be financially difficult for them without external funding. Opportunity Grants are not intended to be tuition scholarships but to finance out-of-pocket expenses required by a particular activity or opportunity. However, an award may be requested to help with tuition if the co-curricular activity requires registration for associated credits not covered by the student's academic year tuition, for example, a summer internship.

    Immediately following a deadline date, all proposals received to that point are reviewed together in a collaborative process by a committee made up of deans and faculty.

    How to Apply

    • Complete the Eugene Lang Opportunity Award Application.
      • Personal statement - in 600 words (or less), discuss your reasons for applying; include any relevant experience or information.
      • Financial statement - in 400 words (or less), discuss your need for financial assistance, including an explanation of your ability/plans to pay for the proposed project/program independently.
    • Attach a resume that indicates your qualifications to pursue the activity described in the proposal.
    • Attach your current academic transcript and financial aid award (printed from MyNewSchool).
    • ALL APPLICATIONS REQUIRE A RECOMMENDATION: Identify someone who will speak to your qualifications for this proposal. He or she should submit his or her recommendation through the Faculty Recommendation Form

    Questions can be submitted to or in person at the Academic Advising Office, 64 West 11th Street. An application received after one deadline will be rolled over to the next deadline unless the dates of the proposed activity or project preclude later consideration. In that case, the application will be rejected.

    Completion Requirement

  • Student Life and Outreach Committee

    Michael Pettinger (Chair), Assistant Professor of Literary Studies
    Banu Bargu, Associate Professor of Politics
    Mark Setterfield, Professor of Economics
    Jennifer Firestone, Assistant Professor, Literary Studies

    Matthew Walters, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
    Kendra Danowski, Program Coordinator of Civic Engagement and Social Justice
    Jennifer Riegle, Associate Director for Visibility and College-wide Event Coordination