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  • Local Banks

    When researching local bank branches, you should inquire about each bank's specific requirements for opening a new account for international students. For your convenience, we have provided sample requirements for some of the banks listed following:


    Bank of America


    International Students over the age of 18 are welcome to open an account with Chase Bank as long as they have a photo ID w/signature as well as another form of identification. Acceptable forms include: a school ID, a voter registration card, a credit card, a resident alien card, an employment authorization card, or a certificate of naturalization. Chase also provides international accounts specifically for foreign residents.


    • (800) 627-3999
      79 Fifth Avenue (at 16th)
      New York, NY 10011
      (212) 229-3550
    • 72 5th Ave (at 13th)
      New York, NY 10011
      (212) 229-3550

    TD Bank

    International students that don't have an SSN must present a valid Passport and Visa as well as a proof address. Examples of such can include any one of the following: cable bill, ground phone bill, signed university letter, etc. If the student already has an SSN, they need that number plus a NY state ID of some kind.

    • 90 5th Ave. (at 14th)
      New York, NY 10011
      (212) 381-7900