• FAQs

    How do I open a bank account?

    How do I get a social security number?

    Must have a letter from your employer to get a Social Security Number. Bring that letter to the ISS office and complete the ISS Service Request Form to request a letter from ISS. Take both letters to your local Social Security Office to request a number.

    Can I get support letters for SSN and drivers license applications, a relatives visit, military postponement, etc?

    Yes. Ask at the ISS front desk and complete the ISS Service Request Form.

    Do I need to be concerned about taxes when I did not earn any money last year?

    Yes. Everyone must file federal, state, and local "tax returns" in April for the preceding year. Look for the ISS Tax Support Program (workshops, forms and instructions, and software) in March. See the Tax Obligation Handout (PDF) for more information.

    May I enroll part-time this semester?

    Only if it is you last semester and you need less than full-time to complete your studies. If this is true, you must complete and submit a Reduced Course Load Authorization Form (PDF) to the ISS office. If you plan to drop below full-time or drop classes for any other reason, it is best to first see an International Student Advisor about your case.

    I have moved. Who should I notify?

    You can change your address with the University and the ISS office via You must notify ISS within 10 days of your move. When you notify ISS, we will automatically notify the U.S. government.

    Do I need to have health insurance?

    Yes. Healthcare in the U.S. is extremely expensive and ALL students are advised to enroll in the school health insurance plan. J-1 students and dependents are required to have health insurance. If you have a dependent, or have questions about your health insurance, see an International Student Advisor or email Jeannette Krupinsky at

    Where do I look for an on-campus job?

    Check individual offices where you wish to work. Also check Student Employment Office at 72 fifth Avenue, Lower Lobby or online students do not need to receive prior authorization from ISS to work on-campus. J-1 students must get written authorization from their RO.

    Are there really limits to where I can work and how many hours I work?

    Yes. Usually students are limited to working 20 hours per week during the semester. See Working under F-1 status or Working under J-1 status. Then see an International Student Advisor about your case.

    I have questions about my I-94 status and about my vista too. Who do I talk to?

    Discuss all your immigration and visa related concerns with an International Student Advisor. To prevent misinformation it is best to not seek advice from friends, even if they are an international student too, as each situation can be different.

    I lost my passport. What should I do?

    File a police report, notify your country's Consular Office, and let ISS know as soon as possible.

    I lost my I-20, DS-2019 Card, or other important document. What should I do?

    Come to ISS right away with any documents or copies of documents that you still have.

    I plan to travel outside the US. What do I need to do?

    Request a travel signature on your I-20 or DS-2019 at the ISS front desk at least a week in advance using the ISS Service Request Form.

    Do I need a travel signature while on F-1 opt or J-1 academic training?

    Where can I obtain my New School ID Card?

    You should visit Campus Card Services at 66 W 12th Street, room 409.

    I am a transfer student and the visa in my passport reads my previous institution's name. Does this pose a problem?

    No. You are allowed to transfer to another institution in the U.S. and your visa from your previous institution is still valid as long as it hasn't expired. If it has expired, you should ask an International Student Advisor how to renew it.

    If I take a w grade for a course during the middle of a semester, does that mean I am no longer full-time?

    If you receive a 'W' grade for your course, you cannot count the credit for that course towards your full-time enrollment requirement. For example, if you registered and enrolled for 12 credits and you receive a grade of 'W' for three credits then you will only receive nine credits of total enrollment. This will drop you below full-time if full-time enrollment for your program is 12 credits. If you do not know how many credits you must enroll for, contact an International Student Advisor. 

    How can we subscribe to ISS News?

    SS News is a newsletter aimed at providing important information to international students, professors, and scholars at The New School. The newsletter advertises events and workshops on campus, covers recent events and student achievements, and announces critical deadlines and changes to immigration regulations.

    University email accounts are automatically subscribed. If you're not automatically subscribed, email us at and we'll sign you up.