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Robert Canales
Assistant Professor

 I joined the New School in the fall of 2009 from Stanford University, where I served as an acting assistant professor in the environmental engineering and science program. Prior to that I was a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health.

My research interests lie in the field of environmental health and in particular human exposure to environmental contaminants. With a background in environmental engineering, public health, and statistics, my work has applied principles in biology, chemistry, and mathematics to investigate underlying phenomena in environmental health issues. Past research has focused on several themes: creating scenario-based stochastic models, collecting children’s time-activity data for studying human exposure, modeling fate/transport of contaminants in indoor environments, and exploring uncertainty of variables within simulations.

More recently, my research efforts have shifted towards investigating data for health interventions. These projects have included determining correlations between children’s behavior and contaminant intake levels, simulating behaviors to determine the effect of altering activities on chemical exposures, and distinguishing demographic variables for identifying public housing units with high indoor pesticide concentrations.
Courses Taught:
 LMTH 2030 Statistics with SPSS
LMTH 2050 Math Models in Nature
UENV 4200 Pre Thesis

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