Nevin Cohen
PhD, Environmental Planning and Policy Development, Rutgers University; Masters of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley;
BA, Cornell University
Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Nevin Cohen is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at The New School, where he teaches courses in urban food systems, environmental studies, environmental planning, and environmental policy analysis, including cross-disciplinary courses that connect the fields of policy, urban planning, design, and urban studies. Dr. Cohen's current research focuses on the development of urban food policy, the use of urban space for food production, and planning for ecologically sound urban food systems. At present, his focus is on the diffusion of urban and regional food policy in North America. He has extensive professional experience as a policy analyst, urban planner, and advisor on green business practices. He has a PhD in Urban Planning from Rutgers University, a Masters in City and Regional Planning from Berkeley, and a BA from Cornell.
Courses Taught:
  • Urban Food Systems
  • Planning Sustainable Cities
  • Urban Environmental Issues
  • Designing the Sustainable Food System
  • Urban Environmental Policy
  • Grassroots Environmentalism
  • Garbage: The political economy and ecology of New York City
Recent Publications:


  • Cohen, N., General Editor. (2011). Green Cities: An A-to-Z Guide. The Sage reference series on green society: toward a sustainable future. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.   
  • Cohen, N., General Editor. (2011). Green Business: An A-to-Z Guide. The Sage reference series on green society: toward a sustainable future. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

 Articles, Book Reviews, Chapters

  • N. Cohen and R. Subramaniam. (2012). The University Gallery as Beehive: Exploring civic agriculture in an exhibition platform. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. In press.
  • N. Cohen. (2012). Planning for Urban Agriculture: Problem Recognition, Policy Formation, and Politics. in Sustainable Food Planning: Evolving Theory and Practice. A. Viljoen, and J. S. C. Wiskerke, eds. Wageningen Academic Publishers.
  • N. Cohen. (2011). How Great Cities Are Fed Revisited: 10 Municipal Policies to Support the New York City Foodshed. Fordham Environmental Law Journal. Volume XXII. No. 3. Fall 2011. pp. 691-710.
  • Cohen, N., & Derryck, D. (2011). Corbin Hill Road Farm Share: A hybrid food value chain in practice. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Vol. 1, Issue 4.
  • N. Cohen and J. Obadia.  Greening the Urban Food Supply. in Sustainability Principles, Practice, and Perspectives in America's Cities, M. Slavin, ed. Washington, DC: Island Press.
  • Cohen, N. (2011). Planning Urban Foodscapes. Book Review: De la Salle, J. & Holland, M. (Editors). (2010). Agricultural Urbanism: Handbook for Building Sustainable Food Systems in 21st Century Cities. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Green Frigate Books.
  • Cohen, N. (2010) Designing the Sustainable Foodshed: A Cross-Disciplinary Undergraduate Environmental Studies Course. Innovative Higher Education. 35(1), 51-60, Springer. 
  • Cohen, N. (2010). Building an Urban Food System for the 21st Century. in From Disaster to Diversity: What’s Next for New York City’s Economy? J. P. Hicks and D. Morris, eds. NYC: Drum Major Institute.
  • Cohen, N. (2007). The Suburban Farm. Urban Agriculture Magazine. No. 19. December.
  • Cohen, N. (2007). Review of The Working Landscape: Founding, Preservation, and the Politics of Place by Peter F. Cannavo. MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 2007. Environment. Vol 50 No 3.
Office Location:
The New School
72 Fifth Avenue, room 518
New York, NY  10011
Phone Number/Extension:
212.229.5321 x2271


Research Interests:
Dr. Cohen is completing a fellowship with The Design Trust for Public Space that involves research and policy analysis to support and strengthen New York City's urban agriculture system. He has studied the development of urban agriculture policies in North America, and is currently working on two book projects: a study of urban food policymaking in the US and Canada, and an analysis of urban agriculture projects that focus on social justice goals.
Professional Affiliations:
  • Association of European Schools of Planning
  • Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society
  • Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development
  • Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities

Current Courses:

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