Cameron Tonkinwise

Cameron Tonkinwise
Co-Chair, Tishman Environment and Design Center; Chair, Design and Management, School of Design Strategies, Parsons

For more than a decade, my research and professional activities have brought together the philosophies of design and sustainability. My work centers on the belief that current societal unsustainability has much to do with a widespread misunderstanding of the nature of design. We need to create strong links so that people understand the impact they have on the environment. We can then more fully understand our predicament and facilitate the radical social changes needed to rectify it. My research has focused on the design of commercial and non-market systems of shared product use, exploring how the emerging discipline of service design might enable the development of less-material dependant economies. My current research is both more historical and more conceptual, exploring variability in perceptions of convenience and autonomy when shifting from “ownership” to "usership."

Prior to joining The New School faculty, I was the education director and executive officer of the EcoDesign Foundation, a not-for-profit consultancy and research organization based in Sydney, Australia. I teach a range of courses in design theory, design research, and sustainable design.
Courses Taught:
Thinking and Designing Sustainable Futures University Lecture Course
Sustainable Lifestyles Senior Seminar
Office Location:
72 Fifth Avenue, Room 518
Office Hours:
By Appointment
Phone Number/Extension:
212.229.5100 x-3416

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