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The New School for Drama
151 Bank Street
New York, NY 10014
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Pippin Parker

Robert McAlpin
Managing Director
x2623 Room 203B

Carrie E. Neal
Associate Director
x2622 Room 203A

Robert Hoyt
Director of Professional Development
x2630 Room 205

Yevgeniya Bulayevskaya
Development Director

212.229.5662 x 4579

Tim Capalbo
Production Supervisor
x2626 Room 204

Linda Kleppinger
Managing Associate to the Director
x2625 Room 203C

Brian Olsen
Assistant Production Supervisor
x2627 Room 204

Emerson Brathwaite
Senior Office Assistant
x2621 Room 203

Sarah Burtch
Assistant Director of Admission
x2614, Rm 102

Sherri Barber
Admissions Counselor
x2613 Room 102

Department Heads

Kathy Rossetter, Acting

Christopher Shinn, Playwriting

Lou Jacob, Directing

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