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The 24 Hour Plays: The Nationals at The New School for Drama


The 24 Hour Company, which produces The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway, The 24 Hour Musicals, and 24 Hour Play festivals around the world, has joined with longtime partner The New School for Drama to bring The 24 Hour Plays: The Nationals to New York City this summer. The Nationals brings together some of theater’s most promising young talent—six writers, six directors, six producers, and 24 actors—for two days of intensive workshops and an opportunity to create original 24 Hour Plays here in Manhattan.

"The Nationals presents a great opportunity for young artists to meet their peers and begin building the relationships that will serve them throughout their careers," says producer Tina Fallon, who founded The 24 Hour Plays in 1995. "We are seeking the very best of the next generation of theater artists and will arm them with what they need to find their way in this business—which is to say: each other."

"The New School for Drama and The 24 Hour Company share an abiding belief in the power of intelligent collaboration to develop transformative new voices, whether they be playwrights, actors, directors, or producers,” says Pippin Parker, director of The New School for Drama. “That’s why it’s no accident that so many New School for Drama alumni are also alumni of 24 Hour Plays—and why we’re thrilled to be host and partner this summer for The Nationals."

Writers, directors, producers, and actors ages 16 to 25 are welcome to submit applications, which are due on June 1. The program runs August 8–11, 2014.

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