• School of Drama is a three-year intensive program dedicated to training artists in the fields of Playwriting, Directing, and Acting. Students who successfully complete the program are awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree. Because we are an MFA program, every applicant to School of Drama must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

    The three-year program is progressive—students begin with a course of self-discovery, explore technical craftsmanship in the second year, and finish by writing, directing, and acting in full productions, as well as developing a business plan for the transition from student to professional artist.

    The actor is encouraged to stretch the fabric of his/her talent through a combination of disciplines—including the Alexander Technique, an exacting voice and speech curriculum that coordinates several systems of training, and the acting techniques of Stanislavski. Through one-act festivals and main stage productions, the playwright is trained within the context of real-world conditions that augment and enhance his/her individuality. The director is encouraged to learn what the word "story" means and how to express, conceive, and create visionary theater through mainstage and one-act productions.

    Through the discovery process, a faculty of working professionals nurtures and guides the unique and original voice that each student possesses. Ultimately, students gain a rooted sense of who they are as individuals and how they may join, collaboratively, in finding their individual and collective artistic expression.

    The MFA program at School of Drama relies on collaboration within your class. Playwrights work on their scripts in rehearsal and benefit from hearing and seeing their work performed. Directing and acting students work closely together as well.

    Playwrights, actors, and directors are all often represented (by both students and teachers) in rehearsals or in the classroom, giving you a glimpse of what it means to develop a new play. This crossover lets you learn from your peers as well as from the instructors at Drama, and also gives you the opportunity to develop important and long-lasting professional connections.