Update on Water Main Break on Fifth Avenue

The university will be open and classes and public programs will run as scheduled today, April 28...  Learn More

  • Safety Tips

    • Program the Campus Security phone number into your cell phone: 212.229.7001
    • Familiarize yourself with this website.
    • Take note of your building’s floor plan and exit routes.
    • Participate in fire drills and safety training programs.
    • Keep a flashlight and battery-operated radio nearby.
    • Locate the nearest fire extinguisher and fire alarm.
    • Make copies of your credit cards and driver's license and keep them in a safe place in case of loss.
    • Use the buddy system when traveling by foot after dark.
    • Always lock exterior doors and ground-floor windows. Propping open a door is an invitation to intruders with ill intent.
    • Plan trips to ATMs during daylight hours.
    • Avoid isolated environments.
    • If you are going to drink, drink responsibly. Do not leave any place with a stranger.
    • Trust your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable in a place or situation, leave.
    • Keep your purse, backpack, laptop, and other belongings in sight while with you, locked up when not.
    • Engrave your valuables: personal computer, electronics, bicycles, etc.
    • Always lock your door when your room is unoccupied or when you are sleeping.
    • Report lost or stolen ID or credit cards immediately.
    • Make sure bikes are locked to an immovable object with a good lock.
    • Avoid designer apparel and flashy jewelry, which can make you a target.