Collection Guide


With more than 1,800 artworks, many of which are on public display in buildings throughout The New School campus, The New School Art Collection is a valuable cultural resource with a distinct political profile. Occasionally, the Vera List Center publishes new editions of a “partial and subjective” guide to the collection, highlighting works that relate to the center’s annual theme. The guides encourage students to take notice of the collection’s vast offerings, and provide context and a specific perspective on the artworks.

The 2006–07 collection guide explores the VLC’s annual theme, The Public Domain. The foldout guide functions as a map of Greenwich Village, featuring a GoogleEarth™ image of the New School campus superimposed on which are black and white illustrations of ten works of art on display in university buildings. In the accompanying text, Carrie Schneider examines each piece both individually and within the public environment of the university. Like any work of contemporary art, the guide seeks to challenge the status quo, and posits printmaking itself as a subversive artistic medium.

The 2007–08 collection guide explores the VLC's annual theme of Agency. It identifies nine works in the university's art collection that focus on how people express their sense of agency by highlighting their cultural, ethnic or political identity. In each case, the artist demonstrates how objects, accessories, and environments—often selected by the sitter—further support this goal of self-representation.

The Public Domain guide (PDF)

Agency guide (PDF)

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