• Message from David E. Van Zandt

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    I am proud to lead The New School, the premier university for a world that increasingly demands innovation and rewards creativity that solves problems and transforms lives.

    We are the educational destination of choice for students who see the world through the lens of creativity, who want to harness that creativity to make the world a better place, and who are prepared to do so through career paths that they themselves define.

    The "New" in "The New School" means that we are always looking ahead. Unbound by the constraints of traditional universities, we offer a higher education experience that reflects both the changing world around us and the needs and aspirations of students who want not simply to succeed amid change but rather to catalyze it, shape it, and lead it.

    Advances in technology and globalization have created the ideal context for our design-inspired university for the 21st century. What do I mean by "design-inspired university"? We are the only university in the world with a world-class comprehensive design school at its center and strong social science and liberal arts, performance, and graduate professional programs. We see design as a way of thinking.

    Our strength is made greater by our location in the heart of NYC, a center of creative enterprise. Study at The New School is a truly immersive experience in the sense that the city itself becomes a learning laboratory—through internships with leading design-based businesses, projects with organizations such as the UN and World Bank, and opportunities to hear from figures ranging from Nobel laureates to Oscar winners to political leaders.

    Students come to The New School from around the world to develop creative competencies that set them apart. They are here to engage in project-based work, bridge disciplinary frameworks, consider multiple perspectives. They want to experiment, boldly express ideas, and take risks. Ultimately, they want to succeed in dynamic careers of their own choosing—and in fields that only now are emerging.

    Supporting the aspirations of thousands of New School students, all with their own stories and ambitions, is what we are here to do.