• Current Students

    If you are enrolled in a New School degree program in the current spring semester, you can remain in university student housing for the summer months whether or not you plan to take summer courses or an internship. For currently enrolled New School students, 2014 summer housing begins on Sunday, June 1, and ends on Saturday, August 9. The application for housing is no longer available.  Information for Summer 2015 will be available in February of 2015.

    Availability and Cost

    All summer housing for current New School students is ten weeks, from June 1* to August 9. 

    • Shared room (double/triple) in a suite in Stuyvesant Park, 20th Street, or Loeb Hall - $3,000 
    • Shared room (double/triple) in a suite in Kerrey Hall - $3,300 
    • Single room in a suite in 20th Street and Loeb Hall - $3,600 
    • Single room in a suite in Kerrey Hall - $4,000 
    • Large single in a suite in Stuyvesant Park - $4,000

    Full payment is required when you submit the application.  Your student account can not be billed for summer housing costs.  The priority deadline for current student applications is April 15, 2014. Space is limited.

    * If you are living in student housing for the spring 2014 term, you can choose to start your summer housing on May 22 at no additional cost. You must be prepared to move to your summer assignment anytime from May 20 to June 1.

    Assignment Information

    All summer students will be housed at 20th Street, Stuyvesant Park, Loeb Hall, or Kerrey Hall. The space you occupied during the 2013-2014 academic year may not be available for the summer and cannot be guaranteed if requested.


    Spring 2014 residents who receive summer 2014 housing should be prepared to move to their summer assignments between May 21 and June 1. You will be notified directly by the Residence Life staff by May 19, 2014, of your assigned move date. Failure to move by the assigned date may result in loss of summer housing.

    You are required to be on campus between May 19 and June 1 to move to the room assigned to you for the summer when notified.

    New School summer students who are not living in student housing in the spring semester must check in to their assigned residence hall on Sunday, June 1, 2014, between 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m.

    Check-in dates are always Sundays, between 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m.; check-out dates are always Saturdays, before noon. Anyone wishing to check in or check out during the week must make arrangements with the residence hall director or area coordinator.

    There are no refunds for late arrivals.


    Summer students must check out of their summer residence on Saturday, August, 9, 2014, by 12:00 noon unless they are approved for interim housing. 

    In order to be considered officially checked out, residents of student housing must have removed all personal possessions; removed any garbage and debris; returned the room, suite, and mailbox keys (where applicable); and completed the check-out paperwork. If some of the steps are not completed, residents may incur additional fees, charged directly to their student accounts.

    There are no refunds for early departures.

    Fall Interim Housing

    Summer residents of student housing who have a fall 2014 room assignment can remain in their summer residence after the end of summer session until the fall semester move-in period. Applications will be sent to eligible students in June. A fee of $250 will be charged directly to the student accounts of those who apply for interim housing. 

    Students in interim housing who are assigned to rooms other than those they occupied during the academic year room are required to move within 24 hours of notice that their fall room assignment is ready. Residence Life staff will give notice between August 2 and August 24, 2014.

    Students in interim housing awaiting their academic year room assignment are required to remain in residence until they have moved into the rooms assigned for the fall. Please plan accordingly. If you leave your interim room unattended, you will be responsible for any costs related to the removal and storage of your possessions.

    Students who subsequently cancel their fall 2014 housing will no longer be eligible for interim housing. Any student who cancels his or her fall 2014 housing during the interim housing period will be asked to leave within 24 hours after the Office of Student Housing receives the cancellation and will be charged a per diem rate of $50 a day for every day in residence after August 9, 2014.

    Stay Extensions

    Students whose summer classes end after August 9, 2014, and who do not plan to remain for the entire interim housing period can submit a written request for an extension of their summer housing contract to the Office of Student Housing. The request must be received no later than July 15, 2014. If an extension is approved, a per diem rate ($50 a day) will be charged directly to the student's fall 2014 account. The university reserves the right to change a resident's room for an extended period of residency. Approval for extensions of summer housing for students who do not have a room assignment for fall 2014 is not guaranteed.

    Cancellation Policy

    All cancellations of summer housing contracts must be made in writing to the assistant director of Summer Programs and Housing Services. The refund schedule is as follows:

    • Cancellation at least four weeks before the check-in date: 100 percent refund
    • Cancellation three to four weeks before check-in: 50 percent refund
    • Cancellation two weeks or less before check-in: no refund

    The $250 housing application fee is nonrefundable.

    Residents of summer housing who decide to vacate before the expiration of their contract must also cancel their contract in writing. There are no refunds for early departures. The residence hall must be vacated no later than 72 hours from the date of notification of approval of the cancellation request. Failure to vacate in a timely manner will result in additional penalties.