• Continuing Students

    Continuing students are those living in university housing this year and all currently enrolled students who plan to live in New School student housing in New York City next year (full year 2017–2018).

    How to Apply

    Once you have all the information described above, you can begin your application for student housing.

    1. Log on to my.newschool.edu.
    2. Select the Services tab and find the housing application link.
    3. Fill out the online application.
    4. Electronically sign the 2017–2018 Housing Contract.
    5. Pay the nonrefundable housing deposit of $350 (part of submitting the application).

    Your housing application is not complete until you have made your $350 housing deposit.

    Application Deadline

    You must apply by April 14, 2017, in order to participate in the annual housing selection process. Log on to my.newschool.edu and complete and submit the online application. Be prepared to pay the nonrefundable $350 housing deposit when you submit your application.

    If you apply after the deadline to participate in housing selection, you will be assigned on the basis of the preferences (if available) you listed in the application. The priority deadline for continuing students not participating in in-person housing selection is June 15, 2017. You will be sent your 2017–2018 housing assignment in July 2017.

    Remember that this is a full-academic-year contractual obligation unless you are graduating or participating in an approved study abroad program in spring 2018.

    If you have any questions or concerns, email universityhousing@newschool.edu.

    Housing Selection

    Types of Housing Selection

    General Housing Selection:

    • Those interested in simply choosing a room for themselves.
    • Those interested in living with one or two friends should choose this option.
    • General Housing Selection will be held online the week of April 24.

    Group Selection:

    • Groups of students interested in filling an entire suite (4 or 6 people total).
    • If you want to live with friends of your gender or if you wish to live in a gender-neutral environment in your suite, AND CAN FILL A FULL SUITE, you can sign up for “Pre-Selected Groups.” This means you’ll be able to pick an entire suite at Kerrey Hall, Loeb Hall, or 20th Street for selection, depending on space availability at your appointment time.
    • DESIGNATE A GROUP LEADER: You must designate a group leader to apply online first and create a group and group name when prompted to do so. The group leader must have the complete information (full names and ID numbers) of the other students in the group. Once the leader has applied, all other members of the group can also apply. Your group will be issued a special “Group Lottery number.” The Group Leader must be present on selection day (April 25) to choose your space. When picking a suite, you must fill all the available bed spaces within a suite to qualify. Each group member will still be issued an individual lottery number for general selection in the event that your group decides not to select a suite during the pre-selected group process. 

    Same Room Rights

    • This option is for students who wish to stay in their current rooms at Loeb Hall and Kerrey Hall only. 
    • To qualify in Loeb Hall and Kerrey Hall, ALL the students in your current space must wish to stay in the same rooms and with the same roommates they are currently living with. 
    • In order to exercise same room rights, everyone currently in your suite must return to that suite for the next academic year. Otherwise, you will not be able to remain in the same room for the next academic year and must either participate in General Housing Selection or become part of a pre-selected group.

     Housing Lottery Information

    • Your lottery number will determine the order in which you can select a room at room selection. Students will be assigned a specific lottery number and time to show up for housing selection. 
    • The lottery numbers are generated in chunks, based on the number of semesters in each student has lived in housing. Those who have lived in housing longer will be assigned a lower number.
    • Lottery numbers and times will be posted in each building on the large bulletin boards and emailed to each student by Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

    Dates of Housing Selection 

    • Monday, April 24( Online Appointments)
      • Group Housing Selection
      • Gender-Inclusive Housing
      • Special Interest Communities/Collectives
    • Tuesday, April 25, and Wednesday, April 26 (Online Appointments):
      • General Housing Selection  

    Important Dates 

    • Friday, April 14 – Housing selection deadline and deposit of $350 due (apply online at my.newschool.edu)
    • Wednesday, April 19 – lottery numbers/appointment times emailed or posted in the portal
    • Monday, April 24, through Friday, April 28 – actual housing selection
    • Thursday, June 30 – last day to cancel housing without cancellation fees. All cancellations (regardless of the date) result in a loss of the $350 housing deposit.

    For more information: 

    • Attend a housing selection information session.
    • Speak with housing staff, including your area coordinator, residence hall director, head resident, or resident advisor.
    • Visit newschool.edu/housing or email universityhousing@newschool.edu
    • Stop by the office of Housing and Residential Education, located at 72 Fifth Ave, 3rd floor.