• Note Taking Services

    Student Disability Services (SDS) will help students with special needs obtain class note takers whenever it establishes that this is a reasonable and appropriate accommodation.

    Obtaining a Note Taker

    The student needing assistance must notify SDS of the need and we will write a letter for youto give to the course instructor. The letter explains the student's need for a note taker and requests that the instructor ask for a volunteer from the class without disclosing the identity of the student requesting notes. The request may be made by email or as an in-class announcement. Volunteers are asked to contact SDS directly, giving their name and student ID and indicating the class for which they are willing to provide notes.

    If an instructor fails to ask for a volunteer from the class, the student requesting note-taking services should contact SDS; a representative will contact the instructor directly. In some circumstances, it may be possible for SDS to hire a work-study student as a note taker.

    Guidelines for Note Takers

    Notes must be clear, concise, and appropriate. Typed notes are preferred, but in some cases, clear handwritten notes will be accepted.

    Every week, the volunteer uploads a digital version of the notes (scanned PDF if handwritten) to the SDS discussion forum in Canvas (via The student who needs the notes can download them from Canvas anonymously.

    Volunteer note takers are compensated by SDS at the end of the semester with a gift card to or Barnes and Noble. The amount of the gift card is based on the academic level of the course and the quality of the notes provided.