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Parsons Paris.



In this minor, students with an interest in printmaking can develop their practice in one or more media, by working with ideas and techniques fostered in their major or by treating printmaking as another area of practice. The minor provides a scaffolded pathway for students to learn about visual culture, technologies, and craft through traditional and contemporary printmaking by making prints, experimenting with processes and ways of working, and discussing histories and contexts for printmaking and printed matter. Students will be expected to develop their ideas and understanding of their work, creating links between their visual thinking, creative process, and their visual work. The minor also gives students the opportunity to work toward a senior project or advanced projects that involve printing editions or self-publishing.

The minor in Printmaking requires successful completion of 18 credits across two subject areas, as outlined in the chart below.

Note: Course availability may vary from semester to semester. Some courses may be in development and offered at a later time. Students seeking to pursue alternative coursework to fulfill the minor should consult with their advisors.


Parsons minors are generally open to undergraduate students across The New School, except where program restrictions exist. All students should contact their advisors regarding their options before pursuing a minor.

Students majoring in the following programs are restricted from pursuing a minor in Printmaking:

  • BA/BS Liberal Arts

The Printmaking minor requires an application for admission. Applications are available to eligible students via


Subject Area Course Options Requirements
Historical, Cultural, Social, or Conceptual Themes 3 credits
Techniques and Iterative Process 15 credits