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Steve Stabile, Vice President for Finance and Business and Treasurer

The Finance and Business office seeks to provide exceptional and continuously improving services that strengthen The New School’s stewardship, operational effectiveness, and community of learning. We achieve this by fostering partnerships with the campus community, providing a leadership role in the development and support of university planning efforts, and improving administrative processes through technology and redesign to create efficient, accurate, and timely business processes and services.

The office is an integrated group of teams that support students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Our team includes Accounting (Accounts Payable, General Accounting and Grant and Restricted Funds Accounting), Budget and Planning; Procurement, Mail Services, Dining Services, Catering, Investment Management, Cash Operations, Risk Management and Tax Compliance. 

The Finance and Business website contains information and links that are geared to provide assistance to you for the activities listed on the upper left side of this page. In addition, tools and resources for all of Finance and Business are included under the following tabs, also listed in the upper left side of this page for your convenience.

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