Working Groups

The working groups were created in response to specific initiatives or priorities identified by members of the University Social Justice Committee (SJC) or of the New School (TNS) community as a whole. The working groups may change in size or makeup according to need. Membership in SJC working groups is open by invitation to any member of the New School community. If you are interested in working on a particular initiative, feel free to contact the convener of the relevant working group and inquire about opportunities for engagement or support. To propose the formation of a working group in response to a university need, please contact the co-chairs of the SJC.

4R's: Recruitment, Retention, Rewards, and Recognition Working Group

The 4R's Working Group looks at issues for staff, students, and faculty around the employment of appropriate and just practices to ensure success in recruiting and retaining a diverse community that engages in services, teaching, learning, and scholarship promoting inclusivity and addressing issues of intersectionality (places where race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation merge). One such project includes the development of a Social Justice Recognition Award for faculty, staff, and students to recognize and reward social justice work at TNS. This working group helps the university recruit and retain faculty, staff, and students from underrepresented groups by identifying best practices and integrating them into appointment and review policies and procedures.

4R's Working Group Members

Leysa Cerswell; Kathleen Bridenback (Vice Dean, NSPE); Katayoun Chamany (Associate Professor, Lang and NSPE); Oz Frankel (Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Lang and NSSR); Drew Goldsmith (Student, NSPE); Elizabeth Ross (Vice Provost); Lisa Rubin (Assistant Professor, NSSR)

Events Working Group

The Social Justice Committee identifies, sponsors, and supports social justice events and programming around TNS community. The Events Working Group discusses funding allocation and sponsorship of events that are compatible with the mission of the SJC and are accessible to the university-wide community. An Events proposal has been drafted, and TNS community is encouraged to submit an application for sponsorship or funding. Link TK

Events Working Group Members

Leysa Cerswell (Student, NSSR); Keisha Davenport-Ramirez (Director, HEOP/Intercultural Support/Student Ombuds); Shannon Logan (Director, Student Development, Student Services); Earl Scott (Assistant Professor, Parsons)

Communications Working Group

The Communications working group oversees communications on the SJC website and in other social media venues, develops communication materials on SJC initiatives, and considers ways SJC committee members and their work can be integrated into university structures and processes to promote awareness of the SJC and its efforts across campus. The committee also facilitates internal communication between members.

Communications Working Group Members

Katayoun Chamany (Associate Professor, Lang); Maria-Elena Grant (Operations Manager, Communications and External Affairs); Monique Ngozi Nri (Senior Director, International Student Services); Tamara Oyola (Health Educator, Wellness and Promotion/University Student Health Services); Sydney Kopp Richardson (Social Justice Coordinator, Provost's Office)
Read the Annual Report (Adobe PDF).

Hub Working Group

Social justice values must be integrated into all aspects of community building, hiring, and admission processes. We must be intentional about introducing new people in TNS community to the culture and values of the institution, addressing the culture of social change and the way we relate to one another in this work. One agreed-upon method for realizing this vision is establishing a Hub for students, faculty, and staff. The Hub, whether it is a physical or philosophical space, practical or aspirational, is for developing curriculum; promoting an institutional commitment to social justice work; leveraging existing resources at TNS; cataloging current teaching and service; crediting students, faculty, and staff for social justice work; and making social justice work part of the entire university through centralization and integration.

Hub Working Group Members

Shana Agid (Faculty Co-Chair, Parsons); Chris Crews (Student Co-Chair, NSSR); Sydney Kopp-Richardson (Social Justice Coordinator, Provost Office); Judy Mejia (Director of Civic Engagement, Lang); Amy Minter (Special Projects Coordinator, Provost's Office); Monique Ngozi Nri (Senior Director, International Student Services); Rashid Owyole (Student, Parsons); Elizabeth Ross (Vice Provost); Tony Whitfield (Associate Dean Civic Engagement, Parsons); Tsuya Yee (Director Advising and Scholarships, NSSR)

SJ Leadership Working Group

This is an ad hoc working group convened to identify best practices for social justice initiatives in higher education and to report to the senior administration on social justice priorities and goals for institutional leadership.

SJ Leadership Working Group Members

Tim Marshall (Provost); Monique Ngozi Nri (Senior Director, International Student Services); Tsya Yee (Director of Advising and Scholarships, NSSR)

Nominations Working Group

The Nominations Working Group has established a process for student, staff, and faculty nominations to the SJC. When vacancies arise, the Nominations Working Group takes the lead on implementing equitable and established processes for bringing new members to the SJC.

Nominations Working Group Members

Earl Scott (Assistant Professor, Parsons); Tsya Yee (Director of Advising and Scholarships, NSSR)

Student Transgender Name Change Policy Working Group

This is an ad hoc committee that is developing a university-wide procedure to allow transgender students to use the names of their choosing. Complete details of the procedure can be found here.

Student Transgender Name Change Policy Working Group Members

Shana Agid (Faculty Co-Chair, Parsons); Cathleen Eichhorn (Assistant Professor, Lang); Bill Kimmel (Registrar); Tsya Yee (Director of Advising and Scholarships, NSSR)

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