Social Justice

The Social Justice Committee

The University Social Justice Committee is made up of students, faculty, staff, and administrators from numerous colleges and departments of The New School who are invited to participate by the Provost's Office. This page is designed to share meeting agendas and notes and other key information about the committee, including subcommittees.

Committee Mission

The New School Social Justice Committee (SJC) initiates and promotes the efforts of students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and community partners to address economic, social, and cultural divisions related to identity and to our institutional and personal practices and policies.

We work to redress the negative effects of those divisions and their intersections and to create inclusive spaces that foster the benefits of multiple social and cultural identities, life experiences, and beliefs. The SJC devotes resources and expertise to the development of new forms of access, representation, and power.

This work is built on demands for inclusion that have been voiced by university members and community partners throughout the history of The New School. We hope to address structural barriers that privilege members of some groups and to challenge the entire New School community to work in innovative and inclusive ways. Current social justice efforts at The New School are summarized below.

Social justice work on campus:

  • A number of colleges and programs provide access to higher education for working people, serve as a haven for scholars at risk, develop policies promoting equity and democratic governance, design for democratic participation and social change, and contribute to the public discourse on economic development. See "Useful Links" for a list of institutes and initiatives.
  • See our new Social Justice Blog for news, events and resources for diversity, equity, and social justice.

Efforts to develop social justice leaders and an active social justice community:

The Office of the Provost is committed to making social justice one of The New School's top priorities. For more information about social justice at The New School, contact Gail Drakes, Director of Social Justice Initiatives.

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