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    Students should register online with payment by credit card. Incoming Lang students should check with their advisor before registering. Incoming students in other New School undergraduate schools and colleges should consult with their own programs.

    Students register for only one course. New School summer intensives are rigorous, and students must expect to do substantial work daily in preparation for class. Taking other college courses and/or working a full-time job while you are enrolled in a summer intensive course is not recommended. You may be able to hold a part-time job, depending on your ability to manage your time and responsibilities.

    Course Descriptions

    All courses will meet for four hours daily four days a week, Monday through Thursday. In some courses, field trips may be scheduled outside of regular hours. Each course taps the resources of New York City in its own way, but students will have opportunities to take advantage of these resources with their peers and on their own.

    Fiction Workshop

    Altered State: Identity and the City
    Instructor: Daphne Benedis-Grab

    In this four-week intensive course, we investigate through our own writing the transmutability of personal and locational identity. Who are we? Where do we come from? What makes us us? How does place affect the multiple identities we house? This course examines personal and collective identity and the many ways in which it is informed by culture, race, and socioeconomics. Through excursions into different neighborhoods in boundless and boundaryless New York City and its surrounding boroughs, we engage with various types of culture and media to investigate how identities shift and evolve. We turn these experiences — our own origin stories and the narratives surrounding the places we visit — into prose. Selected readings supplement our experiences, as does discussion of the technical tools — such as point of view, setting, and structure — that we need to build stories. Each week, there will be at least one excursion and subsequent discussion, in-class writing, and sharing of our work in a workshop environment. This course is meant to be generative; each student completes four works of prose. Meets Monday through Thursday, 1:00-5:00 p.m. Note: The first day of class is Monday, July 10, and the last day is Thursday, August 3.

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