Hispanic Studies

Minor in Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies provides an opportunity for students to supplement their academic major through focused coursework in the language, literature, and civilization of the Hispanic world (Spain, Latin America, and the Latino community in the United States). Hispanic Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws on a broad range of courses in literature, film, history, and politics. The knowledge and skills gained from this minor can complement any concentration, deepen students’ global competencies and cross-cultural perspectives, and increase their awareness of a range of important cultural and social issues.

Undergraduate students from any division of the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can minor in Hispanic Studies. Because many students have already studied Spanish, most of the courses for the minor are taught in Spanish. Students in upper-level language courses sharpen their fluency in spoken and written Spanish while studying important literary and cultural texts in their original language. The elective courses allow students to broaden their intellectual horizons by engaging with a wide range of political, historical, and social questions of central importance for the Hispanic world.

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